Ubisoft Celebrates 25 years of gaming on Xbox Live

It’s a month of gaming promotions I kid you not, Steam, Android, Get Games and others are just blowing out sales on products. Today though Xbox users get to share in 25 years of Ubisoft products with an exclusive sale on digital titles. Unfortunately it’s a mix of pricing but we’ll note it all here.

It was mentioned we would also see Scott Pilgrim Vs the World The Game in the list, unfortunately it looks like all the related goods for the game are still at full price. Hopefully some shifts do come up, it would be a shame to lose out on it at the last minute.

Review – Angel & Faith #4 Live Through This Part 4

Script:: Christos Gage
Art: Rebekah Isaacs
Colors: Dan Jackson
Letters: Richard Starking & Jimmy Betancourt
Cover: Steve Morris
Alternate Cover: Rebekah Isaacs with Dan Jackson
Executive Produce: Joss Whedon
Published By: Dark Horse

Steve Morris Cover

This issue begins with a big brawl between our heroes and the brother and sister duo from Hell, Pearl and Nash.  The party gets broken up due to these bizzaro world wonder twins and complete chaos has broken out because of the lack of Mohra blood.  Everybody wants it nobody has it, well almost nobody, Pearl and Nash may have a bit which may or may not be beneficial to Angel and Faith’s escape plan.

Faith, trusting Angel, is still conflicted about the path and decisions she wants to make about his future (as well as hers).  As she finally decides what she’s going to do, they make a startling discovery about just what exactly the Mohra blood does.  There are complications and repercussions because (again) the seed is no more.  Angel and Faith must attend to a problem created from the absence of magic in the world (yep you guessed it, that pesky seed again…) and they do so with gory precision.  Since the Mohra blood appears to no longer be an option in bringing Giles back, Angel focuses on finding another way.  After a brief conversation with Alasdair, Faith finally levels with Angel about the concerns she has with his plan.  She tells him that she supports him (and his new idea to bring Giles back) but that she will stop him if necessary.  They have a nice heart to heart and we see why they make such a good team.  All the good feelings are short-lived though because there a change appears in Angel’s demeanor to which he appears to be oblivious to!

Rebekah Issacs Cover

This is the final issue in this story arc and like previous issues, this one has moments where the characters voices ring true.  There is some snarky Faith, some sarcastic Angel but those instances are few and far between.  I love this story and I love these characters, I just wish they could find their groove (consistently).  The art is fabulous, I find Rebekah Isaacs’ version of Faith really embodying the character we know and love.  I do recommend this issue because I do truly believe that this team is going to find their footing soon and when they do, the results will be amazing.

Release Date: November 30th 2011


Review – Angel & Faith #3 Live Through This Part 3

Executive Producer: Joss Whedon
Script: Christos Gage
Art: Rebekah Isaacs
Colors: Dan Jackson
Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraft’s Jimmy Betancourt
Cover: Steve Morris
Alternate Cover: Rebekah Isaacs with Dan Jackson
Published By: Dark Horse

Steve Morris Cover

This issue continues the story of Angel and Faith searching for the Mohra blood and its distributor, Fraser.  This issue, despite their conflicting intentions has Angel and Faith really coming together and working as a much more cohesive unit.   They’re finding their groove as a dynamic duo, which is nice, as you really begin to believe that they will be able to take strength from one each other depending on who may need it at any given time.  Early on in the issue I really thought we may see the snarky groove but that part still seems lacking.  The art as always is superb, I really find Isaac’s portrayal of Faith as spot on, she just really manages to capture the essence of the character.

We also see Angel hell-bent on completing his mission, regardless of whether his plan is right, wrong or even possible.  Faith has her own ideas, and like Angel will stop at nothing to carry it out. Who will come out the winner?  I’m guessing neither of them.  As opposed to Angel, who is a very deep character with hundred of years of experiences behind him, Faith is still a young girl whose evolution is still happening.  We are really beginning to see the next phase of Faith, the mature, has it together, in charge woman who is quickly becoming the voice of reason and the proverbial rock.  She’s the nurturer for once, this is a very nice change.  While she is still on the aggressive side, sometimes too much so, she is also aiding all those around her when they need it.  There is a new character who shares some of Faith’s concerns about Angel (their interaction is a perfect example of Faith’s aggressive over the top behavior),  the character may prove very helpful to both Angel and Faith together and I’m guessing separately too.  Angel’s past continues to come back and haunt him but this time Faith has decided to take matters into her own hands, she is on her own mission to solve all Angel’s problems so that he may start over again without the burden of his demons, both the tangible kind and the mental kind.

Rebekah Issacs Alternate Cover

This was a very good read, although I do wish it were moving just a little bit faster.  There are some very riveting aspects to the story and I am really excited to see what is going to happen.  I also really hope Angel and Faith’s characters find their voices, it’s close but something is just slightly off.  I have complete “faith” though that these characters will find themselves sooner rather than later.

Release Date:  October 26th, 2011



Quake Live Premium goes free through Sept 26th

While Quake Live just went to a pay to play model, much of the mass audience hasn’t bothered to upgrade to it from the existing free play mode. To move people on the idea of paying $1.99 a month they’ve gone ahead with their latest campaign. From now through the 26th Quake Live Premium membership perks will be enabled to all who want to get their hands on it. As a bonus those who purchase memberships will gain an additional month of access if they do it during this promotion.

For those wondering what bonuses the Premium account brings, check out the list.

• Access to 20 QUAKE LIVE Premium only maps at launch with more to come. Premium maps are a combination of brand new maps and frequently requested community favorites from previous QUAKE games such as Aerowalk, Theater of Pain, Japanese Castles, and Realm of Steel Rats;
• An all new ‘Freeze Tag’ game mode;
• Exclusive premium level awards;
• Create your own clan and join up to five separate clans;
• Custom QUAKE LIVE profile wallpaper; and
• Match statistics stored for six months.

For more information check out Quake Live

BAMFAS Contest – Monday Night Combat

With the game releasing soon we’ll be throwing out a free XBLA code for one lucky winner this week. Reply by August 14 2010 at 12pm PST for a chance to get a free download code for Monday Night Combat.

How to enter:
Post a reply to this article for a chance to win
Make sure you use a valid email address when entering or the prize will go to the next entry

Good luck to everyone!

Quake Live leaves Beta Phase :(

ID throws a brick into the magic machine and comes out with two subscription packages to join the Quake Live free-to-play experience, well that seems to be the initial feeling about things. They are trying to make the transition smooth for those who want more updates and features, the Premium subscription will run 23.88 a year (1.99 a month) for the following.

  • 20 Premium only maps with more on the way, these include new maps and player requested maps from previous games
  • ‘Freeze Tag’ game mode
  • Exclusive premium level awards
  • Clan creation and recruitment
  • Custom Quake Live wallpaper
  • Match statistics stored for six months
  • Pro users get a step up paying $47.88 a year (3.99 a month)

  • Start your own game server, specify location and set your game mode and anyone who want to join
  • Invite up to three friends with standard/free memberships to play on any premium map
  • Exclusive Pro Awards
  • Create your own clan and join up to ten separate clans
  • Match statistics stored for 12 months
  • This also means that Pro users do inherit the perks from premium level accounts as well, no news is out if Pro players will get special maps of their own in the future. For double the price it seems like it should be the case.

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    LIMBO Contest – Now – July 26th (Update)

    While the updates were slow the past few days it was for a greater good, today I get to announce that from now through July 26th at 12:00pm PST we will be taking entries to win a copy of LIMBO for the Xbox 360 (Xbox Live Arcade).

    Hopefully it’s good turnout, although who knows, it could be completely embarassing with just russian bots trying to win. (thank you spam filters)

    Also the contest is running beyond the release date of the 21st as we’ll be at Comic-Con 2010. Good luck to everyone I look forward to the results. The winner will be announced here and sent their code via email.


    Congratulations to reflex! I just sent your XBLA code for LIMBO via the provided email. Thank you everyone for participating, for a full breakdown on how the winner was chosen check here.

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    Video Games Live invades PBS

    For those that love video game music from any generation, Video Games Live should be something to check out. From Contra to the latest Civilization games the orchestra and guest soloists blow minds away with their interpretations of each song.

    From July – August PBS stations will be airing Video Games Live as part of their special programming.  The CD and DVD/Blu-ray will also be available through November 1st 2010. The CD will feature 16 select tracks while the DVD and Blu-ray run over 3 hours of bonus material with extended segments and interviews.

    For those doubting the rock power of VGL:

    For those questioning the orchestra quality of VGL:

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    Guitar Hero Album and Tracks Summer Sale

    From now through July 12th Activision has a flurry of tracks for users to pick up, with savings running between 30 and 50% off. The sale only applies to Xbox 360 owners though, hopefully the Sony and Nintendo fans get something in the future.

    Metallica – Death Magnetic

    Track Packs:
    Classic Rock Track Pack (Boston, Foreigner, Rick Springfield)
    The Killers Track Pack
    The Eagles Track Pack
    The Silversun Pickups Track Pack
    Victory Track Pack
    Vagrant Track Pack
    Motorhead Track Pack
    Vampire Weekend Track Pack
    Rolling Stones Track Pack

    Blind Melon – No Rain
    Jack White & Alica Keyes – Another Way to Die
    The Shins – New Slang
    Incubus – Drive
    Eagles – Last in the Fast Lane
    Pavement – Cut Your Hair
    Pixies – Monkey Gone to Heaven
    Nirvana – Negative Creep
    Against Me – New Wave
    Wolfmother – California Queen