Review – Axe Cop #1 of 3 “President Of The World”

Story: Malachai Nicolle
Pencils, Inks and Lettering: Ethan Nicolle
Colors: Dirk Erik Schulz
Published By: Dark Horse

Everyone’s favorite axe wielding, girl hating, talking gorilla fearing cop is back! Axe Cop is in an all new adventure taking over the world. Now President of the entire world, Axe Cop has to build a new “White House”, pick a new capital, make his political platform clear and most importantly make the gruesome consequences of not following said platforms rules. But wait there’s more, we are introduced to a man made of goo, we get to learn his back story and why he’s come to Axe Cop for help. If that wasn’t enough, he also meets a talking, super-powered gorilla who needs the unparalleled assistance of Axe Cop. Of course there is a bunch of stuff in between that I simply can’t describe here, it needs to be read first hand to be fully appreciated!

I love Axe Cop, every story is really something special. I love all the weird, crazy side characters and most importantly I love the stories. Axe Cop’s straight to the point storytelling is part of what makes it so great and this issue was awesome. Not only do you get a crazy story stemming from the 8-year-old mind of Malachai Nicolle but you get the amazing art of his older brother Ethan Nicolle. The best part of the art is that you inevitably find something that makes you do a double take or simply makes you blurt out a “WTF?” “President Of The World” is so entertaining and funny and at the same time the issue also manages to show us a softer side of the hard ass Axe Cop. Yes, he has feelings too. I don’t think I would vote for him but I would definitely read his comics!

Release Date: July 25th, 2012


Review – Axe Cop Volume 3

Written By: Malachai Nicolle (age 7)
Drawn By: Ethan Nicolle (age 30)
Colors By: Dirk Erik Shulz (age 27)
Cover By: Ethan Nicolle
Forward By: Damon Lindelof
Published By: Dark Horse

Axe Cop Volume 3 gives a new reader (me) the exact amount of exposure needed to get you hooked on the series. The first story is “Bat Warthog Man Can’t Find His Friend”, the story of a guy who realizes there is something better than Batman, and of course that would be a man mixed with a bat and a warthog! A superhero unlike any who came before him, transformed when he was bitten by a bat and horned by a warthog. He’s on the side of all that is good and he turns to Axe Cop when his friend is kidnapped by the mastermind of planet “Invisible Bad Guy King Planet 2.” The king of this planet is an early to bed, early to rise diabolical ruler who spends his days perfecting his evil plans.

Due to the danger of this particular mission, they realize they should rally the good guy troops. Gray Diamond, Wolver Man, Graystone and last but certainly not least, Army Chihuahua. Each member of this squad has their own strengths ranging from flying to being able to point out aliens quickly. After working out all of the logistics they embark on their super dangerous adventure, but not before they run into the Beautiful Girly Bobs, a superhero troop in their own right and they want in on this mission. This is not destined to be though because after checking very official sources it is determined that, “all girls are dumb.” After locating the Bad Guy King on his invisible planet they jump straight into action. In the midst of all this we are treated to Army Chihuahua’s origin story and my words cannot explain it… it’s just awesome. Will they succeed in saving Bat Warthog Man’s friend? In some ways, it almost doesn’t really matter because there is so much ridiculously awesome stuff that happens, you end up enthralled with all of the side stories and, at some points, less focused on the main one!

Next up is the “Ask Axe Cop” section. Short questions followed by insane answers. The questions range from “what world records does Axe Cop hold” to “what does he you do on Thanksgiving”, all with answers you would never imagine. I think my favorites may have been when Axe Cop is asked what different “hair styles/beard/’stache styles” (pizza?) he’s had and the “how do I know if I’m a bad guy” questions. The answers are brilliant and beyond entertaining.

There is also an Axe Cop and Dr. McNinja collaboration that produces great results. Axe Cop celebrates holidays too and in this volume we get a couple of examples of this. First up is the Halloween special, a light tale of baby theft and “night monster” transformations. This is followed by a light Christmas tale called “The Power of Christmas.” A sweet story about the meaning of Christmas, you know, explosions, axes, monsters etc.

This book is absolutely brilliant and has everything you’ve ever wanted. This was my first time reading Axe Cop and I was left wondering what took me so long. It is hilarious, and it should be mentioned that Axe Cop stems from the brain of a child. No really, Malachai Nicolle is 7! He’s one half of the creative duo that makes the genius that is Axe Cop. The other half is Malachai’s big brother, Ethan Nicolle, who is the artist and does an amazing job perfectly capturing the wackiness of the story. Dinosaurs, face eating, more trash receptacles than you could imagine and most importantly a crazy amount of imagination, Axe Cop is top-notch reading. The girl hating, dinosaur loving Axe Cop Volume 3 contains multiple Axe Cop stories, a forward by the amazing Damon Lindelof (Lost, Prometheus, and Legend of Hall H!)) and bucket loads of funny (that doesn’t belong in the funny trash). Every single piece is a standout, but I especially loved “The Funny Episode”. Considering that every single story is funny, specifically calling this one “The Funny Episode” is funny in itself. Axe Cop’s ideas of pranks are sick and great. Ethan Nicolle’s comments give some background on a lot of the pieces that are both interesting and often times really sentimental and cute. I cannot recommend this book enough, quite frankly it’s perfect and I can’t wait to read more!

Release Date: March 28th, 2012