Johnny Cash joins Guitar Hero 5 cast

Guitar Hero is a title that keeps expanding each year, they throw more exclusive artists into the mix and keep trying to work the play as your rock hero angle of things. Today the company announces that Johnny Cash has been added to the roster for the latest in the series. Players will be able to play “Ring Of Fire” and unlock his likeness through the marketplace.

As cool as the game sounds with all these unique licenses and songs, I still can’t bring myself to want to get the game, something about the design feels clunky and even though I started on Guitar Hero, I can’t help but be a Rock Band addict for my music gaming needs. The store is easy to use, the character creation is in-depth and the song selection is great with additions like the Rancid track pack and the upcoming marketplace to introduce all independent artists to the game.

The Man in Black would be amazing to play but honestly I’ll have to miss out on that one, GH5 would need a lot more to move me over.