Nintendo Reveals its Next Gen Console The “Nintendo Switch” in A Teaser Trailer

Nintendo Switch

Ladies and Gentleman Nintendo’s true next gen system the “Nintendo Switch”, in a nice little trailer that was drop early this morning. The trailer shows off the systems mobility, throughout the video we see it station like a traditional console or carried around like a handheld, the system also gave up a glimpse of some of its 3rd party games with Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim and NBA 2k.

Nintendo Switch’s Controller

The showing of 2 major 3rd party games in my opinion was huge; fans have express their disappointment for Nintendo’s lack of 3rd party games, but it seems like Nintendo tends to address this with this console and that’s great news, fans We also got a glimpse of a new 3D Mario, Legend of Zelda, Splatoon 2.%e2%80%8cnintendo-switch-5

The release date for the Nintendo Switch is March 2017, from now to its official release Nintendo has to put all their attention to the systems marketing campaign they can’t afford to have another flop like the Wii U has become. If they keep dropping trailers like this one and bring along some %e2%80%8cnintendo-switch-3strong 3rd party games I don’t see any reason for Nintendo to not be able get their status back as one of the Top gaming consoles along the side of Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Dorkly and Mario respond to PETA claims of cruelty in a new video

It’s hard to go anywhere without rage coming up for the PETA attack on Mario, what was a claimed act of raising awareness blew back in their faces 100 fold. Today the folks at Dorkly have set the record straight with a special clip featuring Mario so he can tell his side of the story. Check out the awesomeness below.

Oh you guys…

SXSW brings a Mario Bumper Movie

Just when it seems like it’s all been done with cheap blue screens and flash animation… another Mario movie contender emerges at SXSW. Honestly I like the cracked out aspect that it tackles, plus it goes beyond Super Mario into karts and spin-off games.

Check out the full clip below and get your mind blown away just a bit.