AM2 Convention staff slots open up

Looking to hit AM2 this year but want to contribute your own touches to the show? Feeling up for helping con guests get around the floor the ACC? Check out their sign up page and see if you fall into their list for potential slots at the show this year.

AM2 sign up page – Volunteers / Staff

Odd enough the listing goes into deeper positions like marketing and pr as well as a huge list of guest assistance positions for all the events at the show.

Event details:

Location: Anaheim, CA
Days: June 15-17, 2012

Venues: Anaheim Convention Center | Anaheim Hilton

Quake Live Premium goes free through Sept 26th

While Quake Live just went to a pay to play model, much of the mass audience hasn’t bothered to upgrade to it from the existing free play mode. To move people on the idea of paying $1.99 a month they’ve gone ahead with their latest campaign. From now through the 26th Quake Live Premium membership perks will be enabled to all who want to get their hands on it. As a bonus those who purchase memberships will gain an additional month of access if they do it during this promotion.

For those wondering what bonuses the Premium account brings, check out the list.

• Access to 20 QUAKE LIVE Premium only maps at launch with more to come. Premium maps are a combination of brand new maps and frequently requested community favorites from previous QUAKE games such as Aerowalk, Theater of Pain, Japanese Castles, and Realm of Steel Rats;
• An all new ‘Freeze Tag’ game mode;
• Exclusive premium level awards;
• Create your own clan and join up to five separate clans;
• Custom QUAKE LIVE profile wallpaper; and
• Match statistics stored for six months.

For more information check out Quake Live