PC Perspective snags DX11 Video of DiRT 2

DiRT 2 is coming soon to the PC and I’m giddy as heck about it. The series since the original has packed a unique technical flare that games like Gran Turismo haven’t come close to touching, although Forza is pretty nuts and has some great mechanics coming up in their 3rd gen title.

Anywaayy. The point is they have a short video of gameplay from the DX11 engine for DiRT 2 and it looks amazing. If we can link up a review of the game with the Logitech G27 you might lose me for a decade.

Enjoy 😀

Update: It seems the guys at PC Per either had too much traffic or caught flack for posting this up without permission. The file is nuked on Vimeo and on their website as well. :/ if it comes back up I’ll repost it.

Update 2: It’s back online, hosted through Youtube

Microsoft Summer Updates goes Live

The end of summer is coming upon us, but the folks at Microsoft are still running strong with their latest update to the NXE developments. Today avatars get a new look through brand styles and costumes from their favorite video games. Also players get a treat to games on demand which may or may not tease the interests, and indie game selections in a new category.

I would say check it out but pretty much everyone is going to be greeted with an upgrade page once they start up.

Personally I think they have a lot of cool ideas running about. $30 for Call of Duty 2 is just insane though and the avatar clothing prices are too much for what you get, if I’m buying a shirt for 240 points it better not look like they just down-scaled existing art and pasted it on the body of a blue shirt.

E3 update- twitter and Facebook coming to the 360

Big social networking news on day 1 of E3!

Twitter and facebook are coming in the fall to a console near you! As long as that console is an XBOX 360 that is.

Twitter works how you expect it should. You follow updates from your friends while posting your current goings on, all from the comfort of your couch.

Facebook was announced by none other than my wife that doesn’t know she loves me, Felicia Day(the guild, Dr. Horrible). It works along the same way facebook users have become accustomed to. The added bonus is that it uses the xbox’s own menus! As if that wasn’t enough it also includes a feature called FaceBook connect that enables user to share screen grabs from in game and share them with your fellow gamers!

Let the parade of halo tea bagging profile pics begin!