Cable arrives for a 99 cent sale this Marvel Monday

The sale is on and Cable is on the block, catch 25 of his original comics for only 99 cents each today and get a taste of Deadpool as well.

Remember these comics transfer to your PC, Tablet or Phone (Android, iOS) so you can read them anywhere, well… only if you buy them before the 11 PM EST cut-off or 8 PM PST if you’re on the west.

Heroes Reborn goes 99 cents with Marvel today! (4/16/12)

We’re a bit late on this one but we have the news on the Monday 99 cent sale for Marvel. Heroes Reborn is the theme of the day and it comes in 3 flavors you can see below.

As usual the sale lasts until 11:00 PM EST so act fast as there are only a few hours left.

Additional background on the Heroes Reborn series from Marvel:

Taking place in an alternate universe created by Franklin Richards, HEROES REBORN: AVENGERS #1-12 re-tells how the team first gathered and became the super group they are today. In HEROES REBORN: IRON MAN #1-12, witness Tony Stark gradually become the Invincible Iron Man while also finding time to flirt with Pepper Potts and hang with James Rhodes. And in HEROES REBORN: CAPTAIN AMERICA #1-12, discover how Steve Rogers adjusts to present-day life in a world full of global threats and super villains.

Dark Horse Digital gets wild for Cyber Monday – 50% off offer

Dark Horse Comics wants everyone to hammer their shopping system apparently, the first 500 orders on Cyber Monday after 12:00am Pacific strikes (-08:00GMT) will get 50% off of their order of $20 or more. Given so many titles are $0.99 it allows someone to pull in a huge haul as long as they can click and load their basket fast enough. Web users and Dark Horse Digital app users can both apply the coupon given they’re in time.

Looking for the magical code? Fine. Here it is.




Enter that at checkout and you shall be rewarded with a huge chunk off of your final tab. I’m curious to see how the balance works out for everyone, will people go for 21-22 comic shots to just break the minimum requirement or will there be a few that actually stack a huge assortment in for the 50% and make it in time. Or… Will people stack their carts wait until 12:00am strikes and attempt to check out with their basket immediately?

It will be wild, just remember it’s 12:00am midnight PACIFIC (-08:00GMT) or you’ll totally miss the deal.

BAMFAS Contest – Monday Night Combat

With the game releasing soon we’ll be throwing out a free XBLA code for one lucky winner this week. Reply by August 14 2010 at 12pm PST for a chance to get a free download code for Monday Night Combat.

How to enter:
Post a reply to this article for a chance to win
Make sure you use a valid email address when entering or the prize will go to the next entry

Good luck to everyone!