Marvel Mondays – June 18th Edition! – Spider-Man

Are you ready for crazy deals? I hope so as Marvel is shoving tons of Spider-Man issues out for 99 cents today including some classics from Steve Ditko and Stan Lee

Also they’re putting something out for the new readers with the Marvel Knights edition of Spider-Man, the series here is a bit more limited.

You can find both series for sale right now and it will hold out until 11pm EST/ 8pm PST so get them while you can before they jump up in price again. Keep in mind you can enjoy these comics on your tablet or other devices that support the Marvel comics app as well so it should provide some comfort when waiting in line during the convention season.

Marvel 99 cent Mondays brings The Avengers

Looking to stock up for not a lot of money today? Marvel is cranking out multiple titles from the Avengers universe for super cheap today. Check out the list and link below and get a chance to catch up or explore a new series entirely.

Pretty great deal and some nice variety in the mix, get a leg up on your favorite books as The Avengers movie tears it up in theaters and AvX helps rock things as well.

Marvel Mondays 99 cent sale: The Avengers