Thor and Loki pair up in Everything Burns crossover

With the nine realms at stake it’s up to Loki and Thor to team up to save them all. Matt Fraction, Kieron Gillen, Alan Davis and Carmine di Giandomenico pair up The Mighty Thor and Journey into Mystery for a seven part series with everything in the balance. We have a few art assets to pass along for this upcoming journey below.

Rumor- Nintendo’s Wii U $300?

Rumor is spinning that Montreal-based culture and entertainment site Forget the Box has a close source to the manufacturing and distributing arm for Nintendo products. It has been rumored the Wii U manufacturing cost will be about $180 with additional $50 for the controller based. The source also said that Nintendo is concerned about cutting production costs to maximize profits. To keep investors from stepping back, they plan to cut the cost of hardware for the Wii U, Nintendo wants investors to see Wii U as a less risky proposition and avoid another 3DS situation for the company.

The source has also said that Nintendo is going with an economical GPU and CPU that could keep up with today’s current consoles, but still keep hardware costs down and increase profits. By getting a good deal for the GPU and CPU, and with the focus on downloadable content, applications, video content, digital distribution, and services this should have investors excited.

We’ll have to wait for more to break out about the console and see if Nintendo can confirm or elaborate on these details before E3 rolls around in June.

Link: Forget The Box






G.I. Combat #3 cover strikes, danger ahead

DC likes to drop art previews all the time, today we’re getting a shot at G.I. Combat #3 where a friendly baby dino encounter is about to turn bad in a way like no other.

Never really saw rage on a dinosaur before, yelling yes but rage has been absent even in movies. I can safely say I have seen it now and it’s absolutely terrifying. 🙁 Check it out for yourself below.

Link: DC Comics News

DC Comics preview pages for The Unwritten and The Fury of Firestorm break out

It’s a goodie Monday for everyone, preview pages from DC, freebies from Marvel. At least you can get ahead of the curve on these new releases though. We look at The Unwritten #35.5 and The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men #7 today thanks to DC.

The Unwritten 35.5

The mystery around Grid gets a boost in history in 35.5, the latest recruit to the cabal Tom Taylor takes on the device that maps the flow of reality and fiction and attempts to make sense of it all. People often talk of where their dream job could go, it seems from these panels it might go an entirely different direction from anything he imagined.


The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men 7

Joe Harris makes his creative debut with Ethan Van Sciver on art duty, get ready for a new adventure as this duo takes the helm. Unfortunately the preview isn’t exactly uplifting, there’s a hard time ahead in this arc and we’re about to see it.


Link: DC Comics News

NZXT uncages the Switch 810 chassis

Known for such recent products as the H2 and Phantom, NZXT is here with the Switch 810 series, a new Hybrid Full Tower setup build for the enthusiasts of course. The design goal focusing on adaptability that allows owners to change their systems in any way they choose, from water cooling to high flow air or just silent cooling.  How is it that NZXT makes this possible you might ask, they boast support for 280mm radiators and up to 10 140mm or 120mm fans while using hybrid fins that isolate noise and attraction of dust. When needed these fins can be opened to allow for full flow air to pass through and generate maximum results, the versatility is a key to allow any group to use this system to the fullest.

In terms of storage we see support for up to 7 HDD’s with two 140mm or 120mm fans to guide air over the cages not only that, we also see 2 more fans to pull air off of those heated drive bays to continue to push across video cards and other accessories. Those wondering about the design will note the cages are reverse mounted so the other side of the case has to be pulled to access the drives, otherwise the end cap on the bay covers them and creates a seamless impression with the NZXT logo stamped on the end bumper.

There are many little innovations for NZXT in this case, they’ve even gone so far as to illuminate the back panel for those nights you’re fumbling around trying to secure a video cable or even just attach a USB device to your board. Handy items like this help the daily experience with the case and add a unique flare that turns friends green with envy.

Overall it’s a tempting package with improvements all around including a larger CPU mount cutout behind the motherboard, unfortunately this was a huge drawback for earlier cases from NZXT but they’re working to remedy it as best they can. With so many options for cooling and airflow it’s hard to imagine the 810 failing to deliver to the expectations of any owner. It’s sleek, simple and packs a variety of features, it also swaps the mesh grills for plexi to show off those hardcore tweaks.

We don’t have a review available for this debut but there are many sites already launching their impressions now. Check them out below. If you’d rather see more images of the case just skip down to the gallery.

Reviews: Neoseeker | Vortez | 3Dgameman | Hardwareheaven | Hardware Secrets

Thor 2 News

Marvel and Disney have recently announced Don Payne will be the single writer for Thor 2 which is set to hit around June 26, 2013. Many of us assumed ($439 million worldwide) that a sequel was going to follow, what we didn’t see coming was that two of the writers and the Director would not return. Many reports have mention Kenneth Branagh will not direct but still be part of the production process.

Zack Stentz & Ashley Edward Miller who co-wrote the sript for summer hit wanted to end on a high note and will not return. Payne who wrote the screenplays for My Super Ex-Girlfriend and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer and  for TV shows The Simpsons & Men Behaving Badly. With that said the big question is “Will it be as good as the last movie?

Netflix now available on Android devices!

Today in Netflix announced support for specific Android phones! Streaming over 3g or wifi is recommended but with the emerging 4g market expansion, streaming should be no problem.

There is a party pooping issues though, No tablet support and the device list is a bit limited as of now.

If your phone is on this list, you are now able to drain your battery life even faster!

1. HTC Incredible with Android 2.2
2. HTC Nexus One with Android 2.2, 2.3
3. HTC Evo 4G with Android 2.2
4. HTC G2 with Android 2.2
5. Samsung Nexus S with Android 2.3

Although no official word to confirm, it is a safe bet that the list will expand in the near future.


FarmVille for the iPad

Now ipad users can finally lose the rest of their remaining free time now that Zynga has released FarmVille for the iPad.

FarmVille is actually the first app that Zynga has released for the iPad. They have several of their cult favorite games available, such as Mafia Wars, Scramble and Street Racing on facebook and iPhone/iPods.

The best part for you facebook farmers is that you have your farm and friends linked to your facebook account but playable on your iPad!

Get it today for the low low price of free in the app store.