PDP rolls out their final Collector’s Edition TRON controllers

That’s not true, it’s the final line of controllers related to the license, if it was just their final controller it would be a crazy battle of the TRON fans for who gets it.

Moving back to the topic, PDP is here with their final collector’s edition for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 in white. For those who haven’t seen TRON, come on man… for everyone else, these do pay a nice tribute to the movie with their styling on these models. Personally I love things that glow but that’s a given because of my wish to light every section of my PC case right now. Without carrying on too much more, here’s the breakdown.

Platforms: Xbox 360, Playstation 3
Price: $49.99
Developed by: PDP
Connections:  Wired (Xbox 360) | Wireless (PS3)
Buy it from PDP – Xbox 360 | Playstation 3

Check out the images below and try to say you wouldn’t want one of these hanging around in your collection. Both models stick to their genuine controller styles. No excess bulk or strange additions, just straight up gaming goodness with a bright super white glow.

[SDCC] Comic-Con 2011 Exhibit Hall map revealed

It’s here, it’s massive and you will lose all your friends in the maze of aisles about to be unleashed. San Diego Comic Con 2011 presents today. THE EXHIBITOR HALL MAP. The scary part of it? The map looks fuller than last year and I don’t even know how they managed to do that one. Bring  your wallets, your best walking shoes, a tolerance for bad body odor and giant bag to carry your swag in. We’re almost to preview night!

Check out the vendor list and interactive map here

Or if you want it now, just download it! PDF | ISSUU

If you need SDCC 11 tickets still, you’re pretty much screwed unless you obtain them through less than officially endorsed ways.


Dead Island gets box art!

Possibly one of the most wicked games this year, Dead Island keeps it up in all areas with the release of their cover art for the game. Check out the gallery for full size images of the cover art on the PC, 360 and PS3, just be prepared for the full size onslaught. For those that are a little daring, it wouldn’t be hard to flip this into some nice wallpaper as well.

I’ll be previewing Dead Island at E3 with Deep Silver this year upstairs so I should have a full report after the show. It seems they’re just waiting out the next week before breaking anything too huge out of the box.

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Dead Island teases new screens mmm.. zombies

So it’s Thursday, and its Dead Island day on Bamfas. Actually that isn’t right, the past releases are pretty random and so is this post but I do have a point. Dead Island is coming and it doesn’t care if you don’t want to be half eaten alive, in fact it only cares that you see the latest pack shots available in our gallery!

This game is intense in all the images and CG trailer we’ve seen so far, for those who have managed to miss this game on the radar, watch the clip below.

A new era arrives – The AMD HD 6990

It’s here, the HD 6990 4GB and there’s not much to say to describe this moment. ATI / AMD has been coming up with dual-GPU solutions for years now, I’m not unenthusiastic though, in fact I’m still beside myself days after this thing hit review sites across the world. The speed of the card is so fast that even the most demanding games just give up when it comes to opposing the 6990 in any benchmark or play through.

Coming in with a 375W base requirement for juice puts this card well above the competition but it goes even further when the AUSUM mode is turned to overclocked settings, eating up 450W in a lump and begging for more. Benchmark games of Crysis and Metro 2033 are spat out with a laugh at most resolutions to the point where anything less than a dual 580 or 6970 setup is completely shadowed. We’re on the verge of something more as AMD pushes this beast out, the graphic world will shift again and plow forward with new power to support it at playable rates.

For those with about $710 to spare it’s sold out in most major outlets such as Newegg, Tigerdirect, Frys and Amazon. If you do dare to try and tame the beast I would highly suggest evaluating your current system from the PSU to the CPU. Anything less than the most high speed chip will most likely fail to maximize the power and a struggling PSU may put your entire system at risk. [AMD certified PSU list]

So while I’ve talked about the latest beast on the block, I still have no words to describe it, if we’re ever lucky enough for AMD to loan us one I promise to try and find something in any language to best describe the experience.