WonderCon 2012 – Avengers Academy in AvX and X-Treme X-Men

Two short bursts of news from the Marvel Front

AvX news:

Avengers Vs. X-Men will be touching down on all sides, the Avengers Academy will get pulled into the mess with X-23, Sebastian Shaw, Sentinels and others joining the front lines. More details are unavailable but Marvel did want to drop this teaser just in time for WonderCon to get everyone amped up.


X-Treme X-Men news:

This summer things get heated as Greg Pak and Stephen Segovia bring a new group of recruits into the X-Men universe from various worlds to take on one of their most challenging missions yet. The only teaser we get is the word on the series being Reality-Bending… given the shifts with new titles like Space Punisher it seems they’re going to push the envelope to see what they can get in these new spin-off runs.

Summer is going to be a wild time for Marvel, save up while you can just in catch one of these snags your interests.

Review – Dead Man’s Run #0

Written By: Greg Pak
Illustrated By: Tony Parker
Colored By: Peter Steigerwald
Letters By: Josh Reed
Cover B: Micah Gunnell & Peter Steigerwald
Published By: Aspen Comics


Dead Man’s Run gets right down to business.  We meet Captain Romero right away and immediately get some intriguing back story about the maximum security prison, the Andrew Jackson Federal Corrections Facility, he works at.  For all intents and purposes it seems like a relatively normal prison, that is, until an escape attempt occurs.  We find out that the prison has many layers, and  a lot of levels of security clearance.  This begins to make the reader wonder why a normal prison would have such things.  We soon learn that this is not at all a normal prison.  This particular prison has a special realm that is literally Hell and it is “guided by justice”.  It appears that when you are a sinner and you die this is where you go.  We get a glimpse into Hell, and it doesn’t look like anywhere anyone would want to wind up!  Captain Romero, who we learn from some back story, is a balls out, do what you have to do kind of guy, along with that though, sometimes he may have not done the right thing.  He gathers a “troop” and storms Hell.  It seems that this might be his new home for quite some time. Along the way we meet some other interesting characters and it looks as though the story will revolve around them.  The warden, Sam, and Sam’s sister, Juniper.  The story alludes there might be some innocents in Hell as well and
I imagine that freeing these innocents from the imploding/perilous Hell will be a large part of where this story will take us.

Dead Man’s Run definitely peaked my interest.  It does a very good job setting up the story and giving the reader a glimpse into where the story is going.  If there are potentially innocent people (who “convicted” them?) locked up in Hell and how they will get out could be very interesting.  The art and dialog are very good and the comic itself has a lot of potential.