Review – King Conan: Hour Of The Dragon Part 4

Writer: Timothy Truman
Artist: Tomas Giorello
Colorist: Jose Villarrubia
Cover Artist: Gerald Parel
Published by: Dark Horse Comics

After escaping Taracus dungeon, Conan continues to ride further away from Aquilonian, he finally reaches the border Aquilonian , He then comes across a few soldiers harassing an old woman. Conan jumps in and defends the old woman, and with a little help Conan makes quick work of the soldiers.


The old woman introduces herself as Zelata, she is known as a witch by many, Zelata also seems to know exactly who Conan is and decides to help him. At this point we learn more about Zelata, we find out that she’s protected by the animals in the surrounding area, and that she considers them to be her children, we also find out she has to power to show people there past and future. She demonstrates this power by touching Conan’s head, In his visions Conan sees that the people of his kingdom believe that he is truly dead, and so they crown Baron Amalric of Nemedia as king. But that’s not the only thing he is shown, at the same time he sees that the wizard Xaltotun is also making a move, and he has a very powerful gem with him, a gem that Conan has seen before.

The next day Conan thanks Zelata, and promises to paid his debt to her. He then rides westward to find his commanders and generals, again at this point we see how the neighboring villages have been ravaged and burned to the ground. Conan then comes across the plantation of Servius Galaninus who is an ally, he ask’s Servius is he’s heard from Publius,Trocero, General Pallantides and Prospero. Servius informs him that they all went into hiding once they heard Conan had died, he also tells him that the people are afraid because they believe he was cursed by sorcery, Servius then tells him that all who are loyal where banished or executed, Also in Tarantia they have captured the young lady, and has locked her in the Iron Tower.

Conan realizes that young lady in the tower is none other than Zenboia, he then quickly jumps on his horse and races to Tarantia alone.

Final thoughts: This issue was mostly a setup chapter in my opinion, although we did get the introduction of a new character that looks as if she will play a big role in the next few issues, but besides that nothing special happened, the next issue looks promising.

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Release Date: August 28, 2013


Review – Mass Effect: Homeworlds #4 – Part 4 of 4

Story: Mac Walters and Sylvia Feketekuty
Script: Jeremy Barlow
Art: Omar Francia
Colors: Michael Atiyeh
Letters: Michael Heisler
Cover Art: Anthony Palumbo
Alternative Cover: Mike Hawthorne
Published by: Dark Horse Comics

The final installment of the Homeworlds series is here, we jump in with Liara T’soni before the Mass Effect 3 storyline kicks off. Functioning as the Shadow Broker she seeks every shred of information possible to stand a chance against the Reapers. It has become an impossible task for her to find the information that she needs but her persistence and connections are what carry her onward to find even the slightest glimmer of hope.

In Homeworlds #4 we see Liara pushing the limits of her relationships, associations and more and it’s finally wearing on her. We get a sense of her mental fatigue processing so much endless data, we see the juggled commitments and those she’s personally tied to expressing their concern of where this is all going. Although one has to admit, if the entire universe was on the brink of annihilation this wouldn’t be all that surprising or unexpected to come across, it’s just the gravity of the situation hasn’t come crashing down yet.

With desperation growing, Liara goes from authority to fresh game, Cerberus may be partnered up with her but it doesn’t take much to signal them to put a knife in her back if an opportunity presents itself. Their own personal quest for information has clashed with her with the Reapers going into higher activity. It’s an interesting exchange and Liara continues to use the knowledge and skills that got her where she is to show who the force is in this deal. For her, burning a few bridges is nothing if it means saving the universe from ceasing to exist, she just gets even tougher and heads forward even stronger than before.

We leave with her story going straight into Mass Effect 3 and conclude this arc of Homeworlds stories.

Release Date: August 29, 2012

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Review – Angel & Faith #9 – Daddy Issues Part 4

Script: Christos Gage
Art: Rebekah Isaacs
Colors: Dan Jackson
Cover: Steve Morris
Alternate Cover: Rebekah Isaacs with Dan Jackson
Executive Producer: Joss Whedon
Published By: Dark Horse

This issue begins with Faith meeting with Dru and the Lorophage demon. After a fallout with her dad she no longer wants to feel the pain so she hopes to undergo some serious trauma sucking at the very sharp, pointy hands of the demon. Drusilla is more than happy to oblige. Angel has figured out where Faith has run off to and arrives to stop Dru before Faith makes what Angel sees as a huge mistake. Very soon after his arrival though, all hell breaks loose! Angel and Dru are at odds (surprise, surprise) and come to blows and while all of this is going on, Angel is pleading with Faith to change her mind. Angel quickly finds himself in a tight spot and needs help, but is Faith too far gone to jump into action?

I love this issue, it has a lot of heart and really solidifies the special bond that Angel and Faith share. The dialog is awesome and really shows what a great team they are and just how far they have come. There is one panel in particular that I thought was really great, it does a wonderful job showing how they really have each other’s backs in every situation. The art in general is great, I love Rebekah Isaac’s style and she does an amazing job capturing emotion. These last two issues really have a richness and depth that have me super excited each month and have me anxiously waiting for the next issue. I have no idea where Angel & Faith are going but I do know that I can’t wait to go there with them!

Release Date: April 25th, 2012

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