Conan The Avenger #22: A Witch Shall Be Born Pt 3

Writer: Fred Van Lente

Artist: Brian Ching

Colorist: Michael Atiyeh

Cover Artist: Paul Renaud

The final arc of Conan the Avenger continues!

In the beginning of issue we see two men Tarek and his brother scavenging the desert and come across Zuagir soldiers one of the soldiers finds a letter in one of the brother’s possession and begins to read it.

Dial log heavy A Witch Shall Be Born has a lot of exposition of Queen Taramis and 25292Constantius influence on the kingdom and how they have turn it into chaos with Adultery, Taxation and oppression, Astreas of Nemedia sends a letter to Alcemides revealing the destruction Taramis and her mercenaries caused, he gets into detail how about the people are being exploited and the woman ravaged, he then explains how the neighboring small cities are also effected by the chaos, Khauran  a city that is significant in the realm because of its rich farmland is now under the control Constantius and his crazed men, also in letter he writes about the rebellion Conan has started and how that’s been given the people hope, lastly he writes that he thinks Taramis is being control or is a Demon as rumors of her exiting her temple with blazing eyes and covered in blood.

The Issue ends when Conan disguised as one a Zuagir warrior saves the two brothers and tells them that he plans to take down Constantius and Taramis

Conclusion: Like I said in the begin of this review this issue has a lot of exposition,  Van Lente does a great job explaining in detail how things have changed in not just the current city but everywhere, his world building is great.

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Release Date: January 27, 2016