Review – Fatima: The Blood Spinners #1

Writer, Art & Cover Art: Gilbert Hernandez
Variant Cover: Peter Bagge
Published By: Dark Horse

Fatima: The Blood Spinners is a unique comic about a bad ass woman and her personal war on drugs. Not all drugs, just one drug in particular, a drug called “Spin.” Spin gives the user the best, most amazing high they have ever experienced and because of this large amounts of the population are spun out on Spin. Did I mention that after taking the drug the users quickly become zombie like creatures? Why would anyone take Spin you ask, well a carefully crafted rumor has circulated that a cure for the after-Spin effect is in the works, this however is not at all the case. Enter Fatima, a one woman, unstoppable, zombie killer. We learn a little of her back story and we get to see a lot of her in action!

Fatima: The Blood Spinners has an awesome and really unique concept it’s working with. The second I read the short description of it I was intrigued and knew I had to read it right away. The comic (minus the cover) is done in black and white and drawn very simply which makes for a minimalistic, very effective feeling of what’s going on. There’s a lot of gore due to the throngs of dead bodies piling up under Fatima’s feet. This issue gives us a small glimpse into Fatima’s past and ends at a point where the reader has more questions than answers. I’m super excited about this four-part comic and I think it has some really exciting potential!

Release Date: June 27th, 2012

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Review – Reset #1 of 4

Story & Art: Peter Bagge
Published By: Dark Horse

Matt Kindt Variant Cover

A burned out comedian, Guy Krause, is attending court ordered D.U.I. classes because of his recent arrest for road rage. In the class he meets Angie, a woman who asks Guy if he would be interested in her “research project.” She explains that the project is a virtual reality game that allows the person playing it to relive their life and make changes to their past. Guy is sold on the idea mainly because his career has seen better days, he’s broke and he has been told that his help could prove lucrative to him monetarily. As quickly as he begins the game he stops it because the first event they start with is a very traumatic one that has clearly shaped who Guy has become as an adult. He quits. Soon after quitting he assesses his debt, career and life and realizes he doesn’t have too many other choices and must continue on with the game. Will Guy be able to follow through with the project or will he just be too hard to work with?

This comic has a very interesting concept, however none of the characters thus far are likable. The burned out comedian is captured perfectly, no longer funny, just bitter and unpleasant. After his first experience with the game I could see Guy mellowing some and becoming a more relatable character. He has built his entire life around experiences he perceived a certain way and after playing the game for just a few minutes it appears things happened for reasons different from what he originally thought. The dialog and art are good, as is the story, but it just feels like it’s missing something. It could be that this is just the first issue and it’s just laying the groundwork for the rest of the story.

Release Date: April 18th, 2012

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