DiRT Showdown showcases destruction mode in new trailer

Love smashing up cars? The new destruction trailer for DiRT Showdown shows how violent you’ll be getting in these environments. From traditional dirt bowl wreckage to elevated death match battles where the roughest car wins. While I haven’t been the biggest fan of the whole shift to demolition derby, this one might actually cement my interest given the variety of cars and how brutal some of these crashes are. It doesn’t hurt that many of these crashes also seem to be nitro filled for maximum damage and acrobatic points. With the game rolling out in just 2 months it wont be long before it gets put to the test.

Check out the clip and see if this chaos strikes up your interest:

DiRT Showdown shows off the Nevada 8 Ball in a new video

Fan of Flatout or just demolition racers? DiRT Showdown is coming soon for you guys bringing a new twist on the DiRT universe, stepping away from the rally theme, the new game will bring rough racing for everyone to battle through. Check out this new trailer coming from Codemasters. If it’s caught your eye, you only have to wait until May to get your hands on it for the PS3/360 and PC.

VW aims for WRC again with VW Polo R

VW for new rally fans doesn’t seem to set off many bells. Today marks a change to that as they unveil the 2013 Polo R which they’re aiming to get into the WRC circuit. The engine is set to crank out 300HP from a 1.6l turbo charged engine in all wheel drive dressings. Given the ties to Audi and many other companies it isn’t that much of a shocker though.

The company has leaked a few concept images to the public with the perk of a giant youtube clip as well. When WRC lost Subaru and Mitsubishi the event felt like it was losing steam, now, it has a new lease on life with many companies from the past returning to power it up.

Hopefully Subaru decides to get back into the game, although the 2012 leaves much to be desired so maybe after the next refresh. A full roster of the worlds best would be great to see.

Underground Racing Gallardo goes to the limit and then some

For those uneasy with crash footage I might suggest avoiding this one. For those okay with the content, let’s jump ahead to the talked about 1500+ HP beast that the team at Underground Racing has been working on.

For many the Gallardo is a sexy piece of motoring, sleek lines, quick power and able to grab looks from anyone who passes it, Underground racing took it to the next level with a Twin Turbo setup shooting the Gallardo into a different level entirely. While the end of the run wasn’t the prettiest I don’t see this holding the team back from trying this run again in better conditions with possibly a longer stretch of tarmac. Check out the awesomeness below.

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Turn 9 – Webisode Racing TV show coming soon

It’s always cool to be in early on the newest entertainment ventures, today I bring a piece of racing goodness with Turn 9, the trailer for the show just went live on YouTube today. Check out the hotness in the teaser reel below.

From what I’ve been able to catch, the project refers to Turn 9 at Willow Springs in California. I’m assuming it means the car track and not the cycle track; I do admit I like where they’re going with it, the turn can scare the pants off any driver without a good line. Hopefully more news starts flowing from their youtube page and website. [Turn 9]

Ken Block rocks Force Dynamics DiRT 2 Simulator

Rare is it we get to see dedicated rally racers taking to the digital realm, sure they sim their own stuff on the side but it’s always a treat to actually see it. Codemasters broke out some DiRT 2 footage of Ken Block having a ball on a machine I think many of us wish we could try one day.