Rock band 2 song exporting

If you picked up Rock Band 3 but miss some of the classic jams from Rock Band 2, you are covered. You can bring (most of) your favorite songs into RB3.

Its a relatively simple process. just find the code on the back of your Rock Band 2 instruction booklet. Start up RB3 and select “Get more songs” from the menu. From there you should see “Redeem code.” Enter your code and you are done.

It should be noted that there is a $9.99 licensing fee to rain on your rock parade. There are a few omissions that couldn’t make it to the tour bus on time also. Not included in the transfer are:

* “Let There Be Rock” by AC/DC
* “Any Way You Want It” by Journey
* “Battery” by Metallica
* “Give It Away” by Red Hot Chili Peppers
* “Spoonman” by Soundgarden

Also the Harmonix band songs are not included but maybe available as a free DLC later.

Rock Band 3 scores the Piano Man!

A twelve pack of Billy Joel hits will be available for Rock Band 3 on Dec 14th. Joel had until recently been against lending his music to just about anything but was influenced by an episode of The Office. More specifically, a review of an episode.

No word yet on the track listings but it’s a safe bet that karaoke favorite, The Piano Man, will be among the tracks released for the new keyboard controller optional game.

iZotope licensed for Rock Band 3

With Power Gig: Rise of the Six string arriving this Fall with a dedicated junior electric guitar, AirStrike drums and heavy talent like Eric Clapton, the team at Harmonix has to step up their game. Today iZotope announced that the Rock Band team has licensed their Pitch detection and Pitch shifting technology for the latest version of Rock Band.

The new software will let players really join the mix, when getting overly enthusiastic and singing well above the mic tolerance the game will voice code the and clean up the sound. While some may see the shift as cheap, it allows for a harmony when playing and makes allowance for anyone to sing in the game without feeling embarrassment.

I do hope that more details drop in so we know what RB3 is about this year.