Harmonix announces Rock Band Blitz!

Are you ready to..well, keep rocking?

Harmonix has a first look at Rock Band Blitz. The game is a bit of a departure from the last iterations. Rather than banging on your plastic instruments or trying to learn how to play a real one, The focus went in a different way. If you were a fan of frequency, you will recognize the note matching roller coaster game play, although with two buttons instead.

The best part is that all of your existing RB library of songs are fully compatible. Also, the game will come with 20 new jams. With leader boards, this is a great way to add not only life to your downloads but add a few new favorites hopefully.

Rock band 2 song exporting

If you picked up Rock Band 3 but miss some of the classic jams from Rock Band 2, you are covered. You can bring (most of) your favorite songs into RB3.

Its a relatively simple process. just find the code on the back of your Rock Band 2 instruction booklet. Start up RB3 and select “Get more songs” from the menu. From there you should see “Redeem code.” Enter your code and you are done.

It should be noted that there is a $9.99 licensing fee to rain on your rock parade. There are a few omissions that couldn’t make it to the tour bus on time also. Not included in the transfer are:

* “Let There Be Rock” by AC/DC
* “Any Way You Want It” by Journey
* “Battery” by Metallica
* “Give It Away” by Red Hot Chili Peppers
* “Spoonman” by Soundgarden

Also the Harmonix band songs are not included but maybe available as a free DLC later.

Rock Band 3 scores the Piano Man!

A twelve pack of Billy Joel hits will be available for Rock Band 3 on Dec 14th. Joel had until recently been against lending his music to just about anything but was influenced by an episode of The Office. More specifically, a review of an episode.

No word yet on the track listings but it’s a safe bet that karaoke favorite, The Piano Man, will be among the tracks released for the new keyboard controller optional game.

iZotope licensed for Rock Band 3

With Power Gig: Rise of the Six string arriving this Fall with a dedicated junior electric guitar, AirStrike drums and heavy talent like Eric Clapton, the team at Harmonix has to step up their game. Today iZotope announced that the Rock Band team has licensed their Pitch detection and Pitch shifting technology for the latest version of Rock Band.

The new software will let players really join the mix, when getting overly enthusiastic and singing well above the mic tolerance the game will voice code the and clean up the sound. While some may see the shift as cheap, it allows for a harmony when playing and makes allowance for anyone to sing in the game without feeling embarrassment.

I do hope that more details drop in so we know what RB3 is about this year.

Rock Band brings awesome with new DLC

DLC is always a sketchy thing for Rock Band, sometimes a player gets some great artists and other times it makes you regret even looking. This week a few personal favorites arrived on the DLC slated for next week.

· Billy Idol – “Mony Mony”
· Billy Idol – “Rebel Yell”
· Fleetwood Mac – “Don’t Stop”
· Fleetwood Mac – “World Turning”
· Jet – “She’s a Genius”
· Tom Petty – “I Won’t Back Down”
· Tom Petty – “Runnin’ Down a Dream”

Billy Idol is great and the fact that I can destroy my vocal chords trying to sing like him in any capacity is just a good time waiting to happen. 😀 Look for these tracks next Tuesday in the Rock Band Store.

Harmonix busts out with The Beatles: Rock Band DLC

Today from Gamescom 2009 Harmonix and MTV Games reveals the latest info for The Beatles: Rock Band, to help stomp out ponderings they do have a DLC model setup and it’s pretty epic, the company plans to include Rubber Soul, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and Abbey Road within months of the release of the game. Check out the full track listing.

Abbey Road (1969)

Release Date: October 20, 2009

Pricing: $16.98 (or 1360 Microsoft Points for Xbox 360) for album

$1.99 (or 160 Microsoft Points for Xbox 360) for individual tracks

· “Come Together”
· “Something”
· “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer”
· “Oh! Darling”
· “Octopus’s Garden”
· “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)”
· “Here Comes The Sun”
· “Because”
· “You Never Give Me Your Money”
· “Sun King”
· “Mean Mr. Mustard”
· “Polythene Pam”
· “She Came In Through The Bathroom Window”
· “Golden Slumbers”
· “Carry That Weight”
· “The End”
· “Her Majesty” Continue reading Harmonix busts out with The Beatles: Rock Band DLC

The Beatles: Rock Band – 19 new tracks

The Beatles are blowing up with more info for Rock Band fans this week, 19 new tracks on the upcoming themed game arrive with matching venues for the tracks.

* “Boys” / Cavern Club
* “A Hard Day’s Night” / Ed Sullivan Theater
* “I’m Looking Through You” / Shea Stadium
* “If I Needed Someone” / Shea Stadium
* “Ticket to Ride” / Shea Stadium
* “Drive My Car” / Budokan
* “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” / Abbey Road Dreamscape
* “Getting Better” / Abbey Road Dreamscape
* “Good Morning” / Abbey Road Dreamscape
* “Hello, Goodbye” / Abbey Road Dreamscape
* “Hey Bulldog” / Abbey Road Dreamscape
* “Dear Prudence” / Abbey Road Dreamscape
* “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” / Abbey Road Dreamscape
* “Helter Skelter” / Abbey Road Dreamscape
* “Something” / Abbey Road Dreamscape
* “Come Together” / Abbey Road Dreamscape
* “Don’t Let Me Down” / Rooftop Concert
* “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)” / Rooftop Concert
* “I Me Mine” / Rooftop Concert

The game itself is stacking up to be a great experience, people can team up in game for up to 6 players including the three way vocal section of the game. Personally it would have been great to see a full band setup with Lead / Rhythm and Bass as well as drums since that’s how they did it as a band but I guess we’ll have to wait until Harmonix finds a way to make it work. Unfortunately Guitar Hero 5 will be featuring just that which is a bit disappointing.

The game is almost set to launch this September, hopefully we’ll be able to do some impressions on the game when it arrives.

Johnny Cash joins Guitar Hero 5 cast

Guitar Hero is a title that keeps expanding each year, they throw more exclusive artists into the mix and keep trying to work the play as your rock hero angle of things. Today the company announces that Johnny Cash has been added to the roster for the latest in the series. Players will be able to play “Ring Of Fire” and unlock his likeness through the marketplace.

As cool as the game sounds with all these unique licenses and songs, I still can’t bring myself to want to get the game, something about the design feels clunky and even though I started on Guitar Hero, I can’t help but be a Rock Band addict for my music gaming needs. The store is easy to use, the character creation is in-depth and the song selection is great with additions like the Rancid track pack and the upcoming marketplace to introduce all independent artists to the game.

The Man in Black would be amazing to play but honestly I’ll have to miss out on that one, GH5 would need a lot more to move me over.

DIY: Repairing a Rock Band Kick Pedal

Rock Band is quite an entertaining game it brings everyone together to click and clack their way to high scores and have a good group moment. Unfortunately people also get a bit carried away and often the casualty to the outing is the kick pedal on the drum kit. For some reason Harmonix didn’t exactly gauge how much people would really play the kit, as a result kicks started breaking like crazy and people started wandering to find replacements or decent fixes.

While there are many popular methods out there to fashion your own MDF plate or even metal plate and screw it in, not everyone is that savy and sometimes a splint and some tape might be the best option available.


Enter the handy fix, steel hard drive rails, they’re about $2 on the internet (Directron.com) and they’ll do well for this fix, I already had a pair in my parts box so I went ahead from here.

The Rock Band kick pedal generally breaks just before the spring, the plastic is unsupported and just floats for the most part while there’s a huge amount of tension that comes out of the toe portion. Using a rail on each side one is able to form a strong support that absorbs the flex and distributes it through both sides. If your RB1 kick hasn’t broken yet then this is even more ideal so that you can save it before it does.

The first thing to do though is pull off the steel tabs at the top of the rail, these will just get in the way of things later on, once the tabs are off we’ll go forward.

The rails we used were just over 1/2 an inch wide, as a result they dont go far enough over to actually interfere with the spring. place the rail with the edge just supporting the outside of the pedal, basically hooking it as a guide if you’re not sure if it looks right check out the attached pictures, the goal of the rail is to have about 50% of it on each side of the break in the plastic, if the bottom is hitting just slide it until it closes properly, keep in mind that if the pedal can’t make a complete press then it wont register. At this point I used packing tape to secure the single rail just slightly so it wouldn’t flop off, duct tape or electrical tape should work just as well, make sure that it’s secured first before proceeding to do the same to the other side of the pedal, one rail isn’t enough to support it and things will only get strange from there.

If the pedal is being a pain to cooperate you can bunch up some socks or grab a shoe and shove it at the end of the pedal, this should bring it back to alignment with the base section of the broken pedal. If need be ask someone to help hold things still as you strap it down with tape.

Once both sides are secured, start applying longer strips of tape on the top and bottom of the pedal, wrap it about 3-4 times tightly and things should be good to go. Push down on the pedal with your hand and the pressure should be absorbed with no more flex from the breaking point.

This is a bit of a quick and dirty guide but for $2 and some tape I don’t think we can polish that much. This current fix has been steady in heavy use for about 3 months now. I have to thank Franks for the initial info on how to get things working again.