Last Gasp SDCC 2012 Signing Schedule!

Lots of great artists will be at the Last Gasp booth this year, check it out!


Last Gasp booth #1616 complete signing schedule by day/time:

4pm – 5pm – Dan Piraro

Dan Piraro Spotlight Panel 10:30-11:30
11:45am – 1:30pm – Dan Piraro (after his panel)
12-1pm Ron English
2pm-3:30pm – Gilbert Shelton
4pm – Shawn Barber

Gilbert Shelton Spotlight Panel from 4:30 to 6:00pm
6pm – 7pm GIlbert Shelton (immediately after his panel)

11-12pm Danni Shinya Luo

DKE Toys SDCC 2012 Artist Signing Schedule!

Buy your exclusives and get em’ signed by your favorite artists at DKE Toys (#4728)!


Thursday, July 12
11:00am The Sucklord
5:00pm Ferg & Scott Wilkowski

Friday, July 13
1:00pm Healeymade
2:00pm David Flores
3:00pm Frank Kozik
5:00pm Ron English & Scott Wilkowski

Saturday, July 14
10:00am Alex Pardee
11:00am Andrew Bell
12:00pm VanBeater
1:00pm Buff Monster
2:00pm The Sucklord
3:00pm Brendan Monroe
4:00pm Ferg & Luke Rook
5:00pm Frank Kozik & Scott Wilkowski

Sunday, July 15
11:00am David Horvath
12:00pm Sample Sale