The highy Anticipated Season 6 of Game of Thrones is right around the corner!!!

HBO’s highly anticipated season 6 of the hit television show Game of thrones is right around the corner, the big question most fans are looking forward to be answered is. Is John Snow truly dead? This isn’t just a question TV viewers asked but also book readers, In fact most readers like myself was wondering how and if George R.R. Martin would finished the The Winds of Winter & A Dream of Spring before season 6, that was answer when HBO announced season 6’s filming in late July of 2015, Surely George R.R. Martin had to approve of this move, HBO doesn’t have any material to use since books 6 & 7 haven’t dropped yet, But again that was also answer when leaked news of the new season confirmed it will be using book 6 material.screenshot-419

The news got everyone ecstatic and the theories fans have of certain characters could possibly be answer or debunked, one things is for certain, we will find out Jon Snows fate and for book readers The Battle of Meereen and The Battle for the North, While there’s a list of questions that need answers in the book, as for TV, viewers are focus on Jon snow and the White Walkers.
arya game of thrones season 6This season is setting up to create a buzz much like the first season, HBO should be expecting a huge jump in viewership, each trailer so far for season 6 has hit over a 8 million viewer mark so it’s safe to say that people are ready the Game of Thrones greatness, the good thing is that fans don’t have to wait long with the season premiering April 24, book readers on the other hand have no true release date.

Burn Notice Season 6 arrives this week, we have an infographic to help!

Are you a big Burn Notice fan but maybe you’ve missed a bit over the years? Maybe you’re hoping to rekindle all the memories of the show before the whole thing kicks off this week. Either way you’re covered and even current show buffs should appreciate the easy to navigate structure that can help get friends that are new to the show up to speed without ruining all the cool stories that we’ve seen to this point.

Check out the graphic below and be amazed at how fast 5 seasons have blown by with Michael Westen and crew.

Image courtesy of 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

Burn Notice returns this week with the season premiere of Season 6 on June 14, 2012 on USA.