DC is giving away SHAZAM! Chapter 1 today only

Middle of the week, comics are releasing and your wallet is crying, well DC is making things a little easier by offering SHAZAM! Chapter 1 for free today if you sign up on their digital service.


  • SHAZAM!: Chapter 1 on comiXology
  • Plot: “The Curse of Shazam!” How does the emotional journey of a troubled teenager collide with the fate of the world? When Magic returns, every move young Billy Batson makes forces him deeper into trouble. If the world is to survive, he must face the legacy of SHAZAM!
The offer expires tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. so get it while you can, the issue is a great starting point of course as part of the New 52 reboot and it dives into the back story of Bill Batson and how he came to inherit his new powers. Geoff Johns and Gary Frank work as the creative duo powering the new series.

DC is also hoping fans will take advantage of their news letter noting offers like this may also be appearing on there in the future. In the meantime you just need to hit their redemption page and input #SHAZAM! to collect your prize!

Links: DC Comics News | SHAZAM #1 Redemption page

Day 8: Android 10 Billion 10 cent sale reaches overdrive

Wanted to call it yesterday but today helps at least confirm it, we’re seeing a huge visit of top products from the start of the sale. Today SketchBook Mobile, Shazam, Flick Golf and more return. Check out the full list and it might be time to get those hopes up for last chances at big items.

There is a slight shift, the Color & Draw for kids is a tablet version of the app released earlier, no other shifts just cleaner visuals for larger screens. Everyone should keep fingers crossed while  hoping for Minecraft and possibly even Sims 3 to make a return in the final days. I’ll finally be picking up Flick Golf, the response seems good and even Train Conductor 2: USA. See you guys tomorrow with more info from Day 9

Day 4: Android’s 10 Billion download party keeps rolling

The hits just keep coming, we also get a sign today that Google may allow for repeat performances of products. Paper Camera makes a second showing today in the lineup.

Check out the deals of the day for Android users:

Picked up Shazam, if I had a tablet I would most likely also grab Spirit HD and Sentinel 3: Homeworld, it might be a little too tight on my phone though. Baseball Superstars has some praise but also complaints of game data reset for new seasons.
Google will continue to roll out the goods all weekend so keep posted here for more deals.