Marvel makes a huge revamp to the Digital Comics store

Marvel has been on a role with expanding their coverage in digital releases, their latest expansion took them to the iOS and Android realm with individual issue releases that could be taken anywhere for instant reading. This week Marvel changes it up and expands digital comic availability to computers and iOS and Android devices, no matter where you are you can now access your comics and add to your collection without having to be on any specific platform anymore.

The new store also gives an overhaul to accommodate new readers as well, providing features  link these:

  • Collections – Storyline bundles that save the searching
  • Same day releases for new series
  • 99 cent Marvel Monday and Friday access on all platforms
  • Access to purchase comics through the Chrome Store (synchronized)
  • Multiple issue purchasing in the shopping cart
  • Upgraded and streamlined navigation and search tools
  • Bestsellers tab to help give an idea of what’s hot in Marvel

The new store is already live and running at full force, give it a whirl and get a feel for the new Marvel digital experience.

Link: Marvel News | Marvel Digital Comics Store