Rainbow Six Siege brings Year 2 content and free weekend

Hitting a 2 year milestone on a game is a pretty big thing with how fast attention shifts with consumers. Rainbow Six Siege is hitting Season 2 and they’re announcing Operation Velvet Shell coming to players on February 7th.

Two new operators and the “Coastline” map will be available to players for PVP and PVE in the Velvet Shell expansion. Set on the shores of Ibiza, operators will have to safeguard the perimeter of a high profile nightclub.

More details will follow on the map during the Six Invitational with a demo live on Twitch.

From February 2-5 those on the Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC will be able to take on the experience of Rainbow Six Siege and get a taste of the game.

Free weekend details
Rainbow Six Siege on Twitch

Marvel Graphic Novels Head to Google Play

Marvel is going digital in a big way, this week you can enjoy Graphic Novels from the company on your Android Device in a new way thanks to their new assortment of titles.

Sample list of titles available:

Marvel plans to continue rolling out new content week by week for the platform and it means even easier access than before for Comic fans, you just need to flip open your storefront and grab what looks interesting. If you’re curious to the complete listing check out Google Play and see the goods.