Maxis goes inside SimCity with a video on the GlassBox Engine

SimCity is coming back in a big way, the new game is slated to attack a new generation of gamers on the PC in 2013, there’s a lot of road to clear between now and then and Maxis is determined to demonstrate their efforts so far in this latest video. The clip demonstrates the power of the GlassBox engine driving the entire experience for users. The goal of GlassBox is simple, everything around you is active and acts as a messenger to the larger game engine, all the changes and choices you make feed back to the larger simulation engine active and shape your destiny and the destiny of your city.

It’s an interesting look at what helps shape a game like this and how much complexity rests under the hood and is never seen. Check out the clip below for part 1 and we’ll keep you posted when more clips go live.

Day 6: Android 10 Billion 10 cent sale gets more goods

Seriously this is madness but they’re managing to trump each day with new goods still that really do hit all audiences. Here’s the list from today.

Luckily I held off on posting right away, when the change hit, BackStab HD wasn’t part of the list, it joins as a sword fighting adventure in the days of early England and the Royal Navy. It’s also one of the few titles that even recent phones might have difficulty running the game as it seems limited to the absolute top of the current generation. If you’re adventurous you might be able to work around the requirements of this game.
Selections today are few, SimCity, Jenga and possibly Great Little War Game are on the selections. After the flood of racing games so far, Raging Thunder just doesn’t seem that alluring although it does get praise for control and gameplay. Endomondo Pro is solid if you’re on a tighter regimen too.