VIZ Manga begins their End of Summer Sale

Everyone seems to be in the middle of a summer sale right now, today VIZ Manga has announced their End of Summer digital manga sale. From now through August 20th the company will blow out digital releases for up to 20% off on all volumes available through the digital platform including titles listed through and the VIZ Manga app.

What does all this madness mean!?!? – Over 80 different series just went on sale for up to 20% off and many of them average about 4.99 before the discount. So you can get caught up on BLEACH, Blue Exorcist, Honey and Clover and more.

For those who haven’t heard, Volume 8 of Blue Exorcist is also in the sale and this digital version is ready 3 months ahead of the print debut. Snatch it up for your collection right now if you wish.

Link: VIZ Manga super sale of the Summer!

AO NO EXORCIST © 2009 by Kazue Kato/SHUEISHA Inc.

Axe Cop for President… of the world in 2012

We’ve seen the mass compilation releases of Axe Cop flowing in, this weekend at ECCC 2012 we got word that Axe Cop is setting sights on higher position though and it might not even be planetary. Axe Cop at the peak of power following Bad Guy Earth has only one direction left to go and we’ll see it this summer.

As commander of the whole world it’s a tough place for Axe Cop, the bad guys are out of the picture there’s only one frontier left to venture into, space. Yes Axe Cop is taking the fight for justice to space and everyone better watch out. It really is a tale we could only find from such a young mind. There is a key thing to note, this is a pretty noble effort to make it a continuation and not just a sequel comic so expect the same awesome fights, story and other elements that make this a priceless series.

For those wondering, you only have to hold out for a few more months, Axe: Cop President of the World #1 heads out on July 25th, 2012 from Dark Horse Comics. We’ll have more details on the book and our early coverage when we get closer to that release. In the meantime, enjoy the poster art for the book.

Link: Dark Horse Blog

WonderCon 2012 – Avengers Academy in AvX and X-Treme X-Men

Two short bursts of news from the Marvel Front

AvX news:

Avengers Vs. X-Men will be touching down on all sides, the Avengers Academy will get pulled into the mess with X-23, Sebastian Shaw, Sentinels and others joining the front lines. More details are unavailable but Marvel did want to drop this teaser just in time for WonderCon to get everyone amped up.


X-Treme X-Men news:

This summer things get heated as Greg Pak and Stephen Segovia bring a new group of recruits into the X-Men universe from various worlds to take on one of their most challenging missions yet. The only teaser we get is the word on the series being Reality-Bending… given the shifts with new titles like Space Punisher it seems they’re going to push the envelope to see what they can get in these new spin-off runs.

Summer is going to be a wild time for Marvel, save up while you can just in catch one of these snags your interests.

WonderCon 2012 – Marvel announces Space Punisher, Spider-Man vs The Lizard

Space Punisher

Frank Castle tends to do a bit of everything on Earth so why not in his latest adventure take him off the planet for a while? At WonderCon this weekend, Marvel did exactly that, this summer The Punisher is going off planet and in a unique story plot separate from the current universe that he resides in so there’s no conflicts, for those scratching their heads I would say think of it as a four-part “What if?” series.

Space Punisher starts with Frank Castle already in space, he’s not hunting Kingpin over to Mars he’s actually fighting a new threat out there called the Six Fingered Hand. Of course we’re not getting too Sci-Fi it’s just the number of people who need to go down. They’re a space mafia of course and in this timeline they’re the ones responsible for the death of his family. Talk about making it easy to get him fired up all over again, too bad they bring back some classics in this new space mafia to make that retribution hard to earn. Word is Magneto, Red Skull, Ultron and more are also related to the group.

The stage is an experimental one and it seems depending on what the fans say and the sales say, we might see this explored a bit more. Of course to do that they’ll also test the waters with cameo appearances by The Hulk, Deadpool, Sabretooth and more.


Spider-Man takes the other half of the news cycle with an announcement of him going head to head with The Rhino in Amazing Spiderman this June with “No Going Back”. The aim of the story takes a different path though, they want a chiller hitting the fans, something that brings the horror out for once and gets to the readers in each chapter in the story.

Some comments from the author:

“In Zeb’s “Shed” [story], The Lizard won his inner-battle against Curt Connors,” Slott reminds readers. “Curt Connors is dead. Curt Connors is no more. The Lizard is all that remains. When The Lizard killed Curt’s son, Billy, there was nothing more for Curt Connors to lose. It’s all gone. He’s lost his wife, his son, his humanity, his soul. From that moment, there was ‘no going back.’ Or is there?

Biggest inspiration is that after a major shift on Earth, Spider-Man starts acting a bit different and we get a glimpse of the breakdown and how his own priorities have changed and now instead of having someone to save he’ll be looking at himself for his next challenge.

For more information check out the official release from Marvel:

Space Punisher | Spider-Man “No Going Back”

LIMBO Contest – Now – July 26th (Update)

While the updates were slow the past few days it was for a greater good, today I get to announce that from now through July 26th at 12:00pm PST we will be taking entries to win a copy of LIMBO for the Xbox 360 (Xbox Live Arcade).

Hopefully it’s good turnout, although who knows, it could be completely embarassing with just russian bots trying to win. (thank you spam filters)

Also the contest is running beyond the release date of the 21st as we’ll be at Comic-Con 2010. Good luck to everyone I look forward to the results. The winner will be announced here and sent their code via email.


Congratulations to reflex! I just sent your XBLA code for LIMBO via the provided email. Thank you everyone for participating, for a full breakdown on how the winner was chosen check here.

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THQ sale this week on Direct2Drive

Gaming is expensive for everyone, with the summer upon us and boredom reaching new highs for many THQ is here to save the day… kinda.

Using Direct2Drive through July 12 scores these deals for THQ products.

July 7th – 50% off all Company of Heroes games
July 8th – 75% off Supreme Commander Gold
July 9th – 75% off STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl
July 10th – 75% off Saint’s Row 2
July 11th – 75% off Frontlines: Fuel of War
July 12th – 50% off all Warhammer games

The list looks good and honestly I might get Saint’s Row 2 finally for that kind of a deal.

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