WonderCon 2012 – Fringe Panel Coverage

Fringe also made an appearance at WonderCon, after using a special video intro of Walter being amazing in famous quotes they jumped into the panel. It was a concentrated panel on everything the show has going on, from alternate realities and variations of characters to wish lists and thoughts on the future.

The next 7 episodes are ahead of us and the Fringe team has no intent on slowing down as the season wraps up. The first huge punch came from news that Jones is coming back, the right story was the critical component to make this happen otherwise it would have felt forced or out-of-place. No news came about Jones clashing with Walter, it seems that we’ll have to wait and see how things play out before anything more spurs up. The idea was passed on that you’re never actually dead in Fringe just “away” until something comes around to change that.

Peter and Olivia were next, while nothing was mentioned about why Peter didn’t remember they did specify that Olivia had an abusive environment growing up and much of all that has been repressed. Speaking on Olivia there was the crowd concern that Olivia would not return to normal or would get worse, unfortunately the only note was the crew hopes she’ll make it which was a bit worrying. Finally character expansion wrapped up with the note of the Lincolns getting their own back story explained in the coming episodes which should help fans a bit as well on the universe of Fringe given their presence in seasons 3 and 4.

The team reflected on actors and dream matches, Charlie popped up in the mix, this season he was part of another show actually but there are no current plans to integrate him into the story at this point. William Bell was the other topic but unfortunately Leonard Nimoy is now in retirement, they’d love to integrate him back in the story in a heartbeat but their efforts so far haven’t been met with any word from his camp.

Renewal came up quickly into the mix as well, unfortunately they have no word but they’ve been holding tight and pushing forward. The goal of Fringe is and always has been to make the best show for the fans and provide an interesting journey along the way while not focusing on if they will or will not be on the air. Season 4 will bring some closure to current stories but they’ll also open the window to new possibilities.

Fringe is back this week, the biggest push anyone can make to help sway Fox is to continue tuning in or turning friends or family to check out as well. Getting the numbers up and the word out has always helped the show in the past. With so much in the balance right now it would be a shame to see this story fail to see the proper closure it deserves.

WonderCon 2012 – Alcatraz Panel

WonderCon panels on Sunday were heavy hitters, Alcatraz was one of those mentioned shows, the team came out in full force to help talk about the show, their lives on set and where we can expect it to go this season and possibly beyond.

Quickly the mythology on Alcatraz came into play, where do we go from here, how do you cope with it. Jorge spoke quickly on how he works with shows of this nature, simple go with the flow and aim of the story and roll with it as it was something he learned quickly from Lost. Sarah Jones was next, mentioning her past in other genres made her feel like the least likely candidate for a J.J. Abrams show, she loves the atmosphere and falling into the pace.

We got some teasers though, Dr. Lucy Banerjee will get a large role in these last 3 episodes although under a lot of tubes still, also a bit of background will come into play talking about her greater past leading into the finale.  We’ll also learn who rests behind the Wardens door before the season is out, also speaking about him, we get a key mention that in episode 12 we’ll see a critical wink to take note of during a discussion. Finally we’ll see a huge event take over San Francisco… a recreation of the Bullitt chase through the streets as the hunt is on for Tommy with full speed.

Questions did rise though about the 63’s and they were addressed, we will start to see them returning to the story again and even though their healing ability is incredible, we’ll also see them resume regular aging and functions once again. The writers noted we’ll essentially see the most amazing elderly people ever. More spilled on Tommy and the blood and learn the origins of it, the meaning and of course “who” the source is, although the writers quickly backtracked about the use of who. The final note mentioned the problem of the 63 is the longer they’re back the harder it will be to find and stop all of them once again so timing is crucial to their clock. Also even if the 63 die in the present day we have decades between to touch upon before they’re really gone.

The panel covered a lot of personal feelings to the show while sprinkling details in about the show, we only had a few other key items like the downstairs getting greater attention and the door opening in the finale. Also, we’re told the finale will be a huge cliffhanger that answers many questions but also leaves the story going for the future. We can only hope Fox takes note of this part given the rumors about the show being a toss-up for renewal right now. Maybe then we’ll find how the team fast travels to Alcatraz in a moments notice and see if the writer and cast speculations on the rumors of the dolphins and jet ski’s  are true.

Buffy turns 14!

Well she actually turned 30 this year but March 10th marks the 14th anniversary of Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s television debut!

I remember it was my freshmen year of high school and I couldn’t believe there was a show about vampires! In 97′, prime time tv seemed to be made up of twenty somethings in New York or thirty somethings in New York.

I saw “Welcome to the Hellmouth” and “The Harvest” and was hooked instantly. The show wasn’t just horror, comedy or a drama. It was all of those things, yet at the same time not. It wasn’t just that it was action, it was also relatable in some way.

It was a cast of teens in a small California town dealing with the same problems as any normal teen would. The only difference is that some of their problems could eat you. They dealt with amplified versions of problems normal people faced.

I of course did not recognize this immediately, being only 13 at the time. The metaphor and underlying themes weren’t apparent . I couldn’t explain it but I could sense that it was something unique.

I just recently re watched the series and I can say that it gets better with each screening. In fact, if you have ever been to my house, chances are, I will make you watch an episode if you have never seen it. I have converted many who missed out or were too young at the time to really enjoy the show.

There are people who will flat out not watch. Usually it is for one of two reasons they give.

1 – That is a stupid name, I’m not watching that!

2- That is so fake!

To the first, it’s just a name, get over it.

To the second, duh! Its a show with vampires and demons. There is nothing real on tv unless you are watching national geographic.

If you have never seen BtVS, I highly recommend it. If you have netflix, you can stream it right now.

SDCC 2010 is coming

For those unaware, Comic-Con 2010 is about to arrive, each year the show packs endless interviews /panels and showings from the Comic / Animation / Film / Television industries and more. It’s a showcase for many fan related medias and we’re proud to be there again to dish the latest dirt.

Also it helps to shoot a ton of cool pictures for everyone to see. 😀

SDCC 2009 Gallery 1

SDCC 2009 Gallery 2

Just a taste of what was in store last year when time was a factor and I was running double time. This year should pack a different flavor with actual reports from what goes on over the course of the 5 day event (Wednesday – Sunday).

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Netflix xbox 360 update!

As some of you may know by now, I am having a love affair with NetFlix in general but I am smitten with it on the 360 in particular. So I am very pleased with the news about the next 360 update.

On Aug 11th, the update allows you to videos to your instant view queue from your 360. No more running to a PC to update your queue! As if that wasn’t enough, you can now watch your movies and shows with others over Xbox Live! marry me NetFlix!

Also with the update is the new Avatar marketplace functionality. There should be plenty of variety available to customize your mii…I mean, Xbox Live avatars.

The new game on demand feature will go live as well. There will be 30+ titles at launch and will include some heavy hitters like Mass Effect and BioShock.