Review – Uncanny X-Men #12

Writer: Kieron Gillen
Pencils: Greg Land
Cover:  Greg Land
Published by: Marvel Comics

Greg Land Cover

Cyclops are seen regrouping in the X-Diasoira classified location, where he divides the team into small group of two, he then orders them to search in different location for Hope, the first group consist of Magneto,Psylocke, Boom Boom are order to Wundagore the second group Namor, Sunspot, Hezibah to Tabula Rasa.

Meanwhile on Tabula Rasa, Montana a creature that looks like one the night people is given medical attention to one of his own, but is distrated when hears a impact so he quickly takes off the impact site. At the crash site a team of three Avengers Luke Cage, Thing and She-Hulk  are exploring the surrounding area trying to locate the signal of Hope that directs them to a Cave. As they walk inside the cave the creature arrives and comments on how the three of them are similar to X-Men. Somewhere on Tabula Rasa Sunspot and Hezibah are waiting for Namor who returns form under water with help. Back in the Cave the Avengers are fighting a giant worm like creature and its little worm like minions, with ease they quickly dispose of the worms in and outside the Cave but are met by the X-Men and the battle begins with the creature form before looking on.

Uncanny X-Men #12 is a really solid issue with good fight sequence especially the fight between Namor and Thing. Kieron Gillen and Greg Land do a excellent job in my opinion making two minor unattractive characters look like bad-asses. Gillen also slips in alittle humor noticeably when Hezibah humorously asks the water creature queen if Namor is any good in bed,with that said Uncanny X-Men#12 is a definite pick up for those following the AvX series.


Review – The Thing: The Northman Nightmare

Written By: Steve Niles
Art: Patric Reynolds
Colors: Dave Stewart
Letters: Nate Piekos of Blambot
Cover: Menton3
Published By: Dark Horse

This comic is to coincide with the October 2011 theatrical release of The Thing. The story begins in 1121 A.D. with a group of vikings on a mission. They must walk on foot through the snow and treacherous conditions to find a group of their people.  As they continue on their journey they find that all may not be right around them.  Bodies and “mutated” skulls litter the terrain, accidents occur and the people they are looking for seem to have gone missing.  One thing to be said about these vikings, they do not play.  A particular event occurs, a decision needs to be made and without hesitation a quite horrendous action takes place with no hard feelings.  These guys are tough, pure and simple!  When they reach their destination the weirdness really begins to occur.  A group of women are all that is left in the tiny village and they are more than they appear to be.  The vikings continue to fight, but the question becomes will they be victorious?

The story, art and dialog are all very good.  Steve Niles is quickly becoming one of my favorites.  He really creates cool characters and is quickly able to set up personalities and backstory within those characters.  Overall, I would recommend this, however, more action would have made The Thing a better read.  If you are a huge fan of The Thing, what are you waiting for?  Go get it!