Review – Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe #2 – Part 2 (2012)

Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: Dalibor Talajic
Colors: Lee Loughridge
Letters: VC’s Joe Sabino
Cover Artist: Kaare Andrews
Published by: Marvel Comics

Deadpool is on a killing spree, making a simple game of destroying the Fantastic Four and the villain who attempted to take control of his mind for his personal gains. Issue 2 of Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe continues down the rampage and his inner inner voice that keeps driving him right now.

It’s an ugly scene, Deadpool has left countless villains to their death and even heroes along with the chaos, he’s a walking executioner that seems invulnerable to any attack and makes any opponent victory into his own advantage. It’s really scary in a sense and at this point our guide The Watcher is no longer with us either, he’s actually just demolishing everything in his path. The Avengers act as the spotlight for this issue, their members slain and their hope shattered to send them into hiding, unfortunately no amount of hiding or numbers will be enough for someone this over the edge.

The issue is pretty brutal and those in the younger age brackets that are sensitive to graphic material or really adore their heroes should really just avoid this one. He goes heads up with everyone and while the intensity of the kills range in graphic nature, it’s still really hard-hitting to see your favorites torn apart by a guy with everything in his head just jingling around. Fortunately every action has a reaction, those who were married or close to the departed have summoned their own hero if you want to label him that. An old rival and ally of Deadpool comes into the scene to cash in on the maniac rampage going on in the world and it’s going to heat up.

Release Date: August 8, 2012


Review – Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe #1 (2012)

Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: Dalibor Talajic
Colors: Lee Loughridge
Letters: VC’s Joe Sabino
Cover Artist: Kaare Andrews
Published by: Marvel Comics

There are many instances of What-If? In the Marvel Universe, of entire teams never existing, of heroes gone horribly wrong and so many other topics. This month we see a twist on that, a violent twist at that where only one character can possibly be responsible. Yes Deadpool is back and he’s murdering everyone.

It’s not so bad though, the story opens and we see that one famous Marvel family is out of the running but it’s not a far enough drop back into history so we go deeper and into the origin of this massacre or what sparked it entirely. The Watcher is our guide to the tale and it’s a pretty messed up one at that. We all know Deadpool isn’t all there, we all know that he can get a little crazy when money comes into the situation and that even in his worst times he can be brought down.

Instead of shooting him off to a new dimension, the X-Men opt to send him to a doctor for a special set of trials to “fix” his mind from all this destruction and violence. As with any Deadpool scenario, it gets bad fast and it’s only a bigger mess as he continues to fix it or make sense of it. Buildings will burn, bodies will fall, people will melt into unrecognizable puddles of… stuff… and Deadpool will become the nightmare killer we never really saw coming. We’ll have the issue 2 coverage up shortly so if you’re curious how bad it keeps getting, we’ll give you some hints without ruining the details.

Release Date: August 1, 2012


Marvel Free Focus – August 6, 2012

Free Focus is a weekly installment from Marvel to deliver new samples from around their collections. This spans new comics, older comics and vintage issues as well. The idea being mass exposure to areas people normally wouldn’t take as much interest in.

With that said we have the new list and it’s all a series of recent items from 2011, check it out below.

Available Now
THE PUNISHER (2011) #1
THE PUNISHER (2011) #5
IRON MAN 2.0 (2011) #7.1

Coming Soon
WOLVERINE (2010) #17
X-23 (2010) #13
X-23 (2010) #17 
*Schedule subject to change

Review – The Art Of The Mass Effect Universe

Captions By: Casey Hudson & Derek Watts & Chris Hepler
Published By: Dark Horse

This very big, very comprehensive Mass Effect hardcover art book breaks down into sections for each game, Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2 and finally Mass Effect 3. As the Mass Effect series will soon be releasing the final installment, Mass Effect 3 in March, this book takes a look at the entire series, gathering everything in one place for the die-hard fan. What is really awesome about this collection is that with the insider captions on each picture you also get the concept art. I always love the prototype art because it really gives you a peek at the process to get to the final product. Sometimes the concept art is not too far off from the end result but sometimes they are completely different and that is always really amazing to see. Nothing is lacking in this collection. Characters, ships, environments and weapons, yep, they’re all here. This is an absolute must have for all Mass Effect fans!

Release Date: February 8th, 2012
Price: $39.99


Overall: 5 stars

Preview the book here on Dark Horse Digital or check our mini gallery below!

DC Universe Online gets a Holiday Upgrade

With DCUO going free to play, many users have hopped on board for the adventure. Today the team is rewarding those who have joined the fight against evil with a special holiday bonus available this season title Seasons Greedings.

Larfleeze is on the warpath after Santa leaves him with not even a box of coal this year, he’s hiding holiday goods throughout Gotham City and Metropolis until he can ship them back to his home territory. Players must quest to find the stolen goods and team up with Hal Jordan to set this season right again, even Sinestro will get in on the madness surrounding the Lanterns this time around.

The full change log is here

Game Update 7: Season’s Greedings Features: 

  • Larfleeze Sightings: Players can receive a Feat if they can spotLarfleeze lurking about Metropolis or Gotham City once a day for, of course, 12 days in a row.
  • Watchtower PVP Map: Players can battle it out in a new 5v5 death-match arena located in the Watchtower.
  • New Holiday Marketplace Items:
    • Festive Winter Hat – Do you have a jolly side? Have you been wanting to show off your festive spirit? Does your head get cold in that brisk winter air? If so, then this Festive Winter Hat is for you!
    • Reindeer Antlers – Oh, deer! Declare your appreciation for these beloved holiday animals by wearing your very own set of Reindeer Antlers.
  • New Holiday Vendor Items:
    • Holiday weapon appearances to give your weapon a sweet new look
    • New Holiday Elf outfit set
    • Snowman form trinket
    • Holiday snowglobe grenade

The update is already live and free for all levels of players in DCUO, I would suggest getting started now while everyone else is ready to team up to find those goods. Sit it out too long and others might be tired of running through to find all those items.

If you don’t have DC Universe Online and would like to know a little more, check out the homepage.

Free to Play Mania – DC Universe Online and Lineage II

Many games this year have turned from P2P models into F2P, in the past week we’ve seen 2 new titles join the mix and offer up free access or at least limited access to the players.

Lineage II is first up with their Truly Free model that they’ll be introducing. Along with that, they plan to release another major update titled, The Goddess of Destruction. All characters, classes and such will be accessible and the supplement to keep the economy of the game flowing will be based on a web shop for items and special additions. They also plan to introduce some booster incentives to allow new players to level up fast and get up to speed with the existing user base. Keep an eye out for this update as it’s slated to drop later this year.

– Lineage II

DC Universe Online is an unexpected addition to this field, a newcomer that struggled after the SOE breach earlier this year that was trying to get some ground in the market. DC Universe Online is accessible right now for free with the option to upgrade to 2 different tiers if players desire more character slots, inventory space, any auction space, bank slots, chat, mail or more cash room. It’s probably a bit more hardcore than many would expect especially when I just introduced Lineage II above this. Check out the full sheet and give the game a spin if you’re eager for action right now.

DC Universe Online







The Scarecrow arrives in DC Universe Online

Not one to keep people waiting, Dr. Crane is here to guide the lost souls in DC Universe online into their greatest fears as we approach Halloween. While the game has been delayed into 2011 the teasers do seem to indicate the wait will be well worth it as characters are added and the game world is polished up with extra tweaks.

Check out the statement and pictures below:

Jonathan Crane was a skinny, awkward kid who got bullied often because he reminded people of Ichabod Crane, from the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. As he grew older, Crane became obsessed with the essence of fear, hopefully in an effort to conquer his own phobias. This obsession put him on the academic fast track at Gotham University.

But Crane sabotaged his career by using his students as unwilling subjects in his dangerous fear-based experiments. He was dismissed from the university by the board of regents for his unorthodox methods. In an act of revenge, Crane put his knowledge of fear to work, creating a fear gas, dressing himself in straw and sackcloth and adopting the guise of The Scarecrow.

His quest to heighten and instill fear in Gotham has often run afoul of Batman, attempting to root out any anxiety or phobia that would bring him down. But Batman has faced him down countless times and in the process, Crane has become victim to an ironic type of fear, chiropteraphobia…
…Fear of bats.

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