WEBZEN & MU Legend blow out Valentines Day with beta key giveaway

Eager to boost some social interactions, WEBZEN the developer and publisher for MU Legend have decided to kick off Valentines with a beta key giveaway on their Facebook page. The second closed beta period opens the next week so they decided to make the twist on it a little interesting.

Unfortunately that does leave those with an interest to play wonder what exactly to do today but at least they’ve got you covered in a week. The upcoming beta focuses on localization, primarily for German, French, Polish, Spanish and Brazilian-Portuguese players. If you don’t speak any of those you can always play in English of course.

The announcement also includes a new teaser from WEBZEN that  you can catch below.

GOG shows some love this Valentines Day

It’s Valentines Day and there’s certainly some love in the air already with GOG. They know there are many out there who love to come home after a long day and sit and bask in the warm glow of the thing that brings them so much joy… their PC.

From Wishlists, With Love is their 6-day sale that knocks up to 90% off over 70 of the top wishlisted titles on GOG.  Top games on sale include The Witcher 3 GOTY, Dying Light, Arcanum, Psychonauts, Darkest Dungeon and more.

For more info and the full list, check out GOG

Bamfas deals of the week – Valentine’s day gift idea fails

This weeks deals are designed to make sure your Valentine’s day ends extremely poorly. Eveyone knows the Vday drill, stuffed animal, chocolate and romantic dinner. Think of this a guide to what not to do, unless you honestly hate “business time.” Love is a battlefield but you should avoid some of these bombs bombs from [Stupid.com]



Adorable stuffed animal(?) deal of the week

Stuffed Herpes

Everyone gives a stuffed bear and calls it a day. Why not go big? How big? About 1,000,000X the actual size of the virus. If only the actual virus were this charming.

Deal details: 70% off right now for $2.99 on [Stupid]



Chocolate I want to be single deal of the week
Chocolate poop

Nothing says I love you like a pile of poop. While I’m sure it tastes better than real thing, good luck trying to get your date to eat it.

Deal details: 60% off right now for $4.99 on [Stupid]



The last meal together deal of the week
Soup for sluts noodles

Light the candles, pour some bubbly and serve some slut soup. Sounds like a fool proof plan. While these may look like ramen noodles… they are actually slutty ramen. Not sure how that effects the flavor but if your date sticks around after serving this, it was meant to be.

Deal details: $4.99 on [Stupid]




Mass Effect 3 Demo comes with a limited Gold Subscription (limtied time only)

So you’re planning to download the Mass Effect 3 demo on XBL but you have no idea how you’ll get to play online… Well. Bioware and Microsoft have teamed up to solve that problem. Once you download the demo you’ll have a free limited run of Xbox Live Gold from then until the release of the game.

The question stands, will you be out celebrating Valentines day with that special someone or that special Xbox? I guess only time will tell, keep an eye on the market and load it up as soon as you can though because there will no doubt be a rush of downloads that day.

btw: that means you’ll be able to use that Gold Subscription for other games and features as well during the demo period

Links – Bioware | Xbox Live Marketplace [Game goes up February 14th]