Dark Horse Comics Debuts Yearlong 30th Anniversary Variant Program

2016 marks 30 years since Dark Horse Comics erupted onto the scene with their very first title, Dark Horse Presents. Since 1986, Dark Horse Presents has won multiple Eisner and Harvey Awards and launched some of comics’ greatest heroes.

This week, Dark Horse is releasing a new variant program which will continue throughout 2016. Every month, one comic will be selected to have a very special 30th Anniversary variant cover paying homage to a specific issue of Dark Horse Presents. Additionally, each issue serves as a perfect jumping-on point for new readers!

30257Now on comic store shelves is the Hellboy Winter Special, which features Mignolaverse debuts by Tim Sale (Captain America: White), Michael Walsh (Secret Avengers), Chris Roberson (iZombie), and Chelsea Cain (Heartsick, One Kick). The Mike Mignola cover artwork is a throwback to the very first issue of Dark Horse Presents (1986).

30679Continuing where the Rise of the Tomb Raider game left off, Lara Croft takes on fresh adventures in a new comic series by Eisner Award–winning writer Mariko Tamaki (This One Summer). Hitting stands in February, the stunning variant cover by Joëlle Jones harks back to Dark Horse Presents #9 (1987).


30906In March, Dan Abnett begins Predator: Life and Death, the first chapter in a new story cycle involving Predators, Aliens, and the mysterious Engineers from Prometheus! The variant cover, drawn by Dark Horse senior editor Chris Warner, is a return to Warner’s original cover for Dark Horse Prese
#35 (1989).

30681And in April, Brian Wood brings his sharp storytelling to Aliens: Defiance, while rising star Tristan Jones draws the scariest xenomorph you’ve seen in years. The variant cover features incredible artwork by originalAliens artist Mark A. Nelson and evokes Dark Horse Presents #40 (1990).

More 30th Anniversary variant covers will be revealed soon, so make sure to head to your local comic shop to pick up these extremely collectible Dark Horse covers!

Sweet sweet variant art for The Shade #8 arrives

The Shade is heading into part 2 of the 3 part Times past series to learn more about The Shade, today we have cover art highlighting some of that goodness. While we could leave it at just that we also managed to find a clip of commentary from DC on the upcoming issue as he ventures into France.

“Darwyn Cooke did a beautiful job with the first one in issue #4, and Gene Ha will bring it all home with #12. And for #8, the one-of-a-kind Jill Thompson made room in her busy schedule not only to draw the issue, but also to provide this sweet variant cover. Brilliantly colored by Trish Mulvihill, it depicts The Shade mid-battle with a demon over the very soul of Paris in 1901! But hey, don’t fret too much — does The Shade look worried to you?”

James Robinson writes up issue #8 and Jill Thompson knocks out the art for the book. Expect the next chapter of this back story to arrive on May 16th.

The Darkness, Bloodstrike and Danger Club sell out for Image Comics

Image is having a heck of a time keeping up with demand these days, at the end of the week they were pinned down with 3 books hitting the printers again to satisfy demand from the public. Joining the casualties are the following.

  • Danger Club #1
    • Distributor level sold out before it went to stores on April 4th, already in press again and should be out by May 2, just in time for fans to catch issue 2 when it arrives on May 16.
  • Extreme Relaunch Bloodstrike #26
    • The book launched March 28 and was out of  stock shortly after, the second wave will arrive on April 25th, the same day as Bloodstrike #27 so you can catch both copies if you missed out on the launch.
  • The Darkness #101
    • Hit stores on March 21, sold out and went into second printing, should be available on April 18th, the story takes up after Artifacts #13 and goes into the second half of Jackie’s arc after he’s made it this far in life.

Image is having a great time with so many popular titles coming out of their doors right now, hopefully the re-launches continue this trend, it would be great to see these thrive again.

Link: Image Comics News

Image Anniversary gets a Giarrusso treatment

Image comics is kicking off their anniversary this year, as part of that celebration of 20 years Giarrusso is re-creating 12 classic issues with custom variants for fans. For those unfamiliar, The Walking Dead for Kids! cover and art was an April Fools gag but it will actually play part into this limited variant launch.

First up for this treatment is the relaunch of Youngblood (Issue 71) the variant will pay tribute to the first issue of the series in kiddie form, they already have the art out and it looks amazing. Youngblood will also see John McLaughlin from Parker and The Black Swan fame as writer and John Malin and Rob Liefeld coming in as artists for this rebirth on May 23.

11 more titles are waiting confirmation but we’ll have to see what happens, Image Comics is only noting to stay tuned for more info on the goodies, fingers are crossed to see some love for Bloodstrike, Shadow Hawk and Spawn though. Unfortunately for The Walking Dead fans it doesn’t seem like this gag series will take off anytime soon.

Link: Image Comics News

Venom #17 gets a variant edition

Flash hasn’t had an easy run since taking on the symbiote suit, in Venom #17 it’s about to get even crazier as the crime-master he’s been fighting launches a new bold attack against Venom with a new gang to lend a hand. It’s not just going to get ugly, it’s going to get very personal as Flash has family and friends targeted by this foe.

Link: Marvel News

Issue details:

  • Release date: May 2, 2012
  • Written by: Cullen Bunn & Rick Remender
  • Art by: Kev Walker
  • Variant by: Kev Walker
  • Original by: Mike Del Mundo
  • Price: $3.99


DC reveals Detective Comics #9 cover, announces new pressing for Superman and JL

DC is on an art binge right now, showing off sweet cover work for upcoming releases, today they also have a shot of Detective Comics #9 and it’s an action packed one. Batman with company in mid-air and 1 of them is being choked out by the bat rope in the night sky. Get a look before it goes out to print.

DC also has some news on the printings for Superman #1 and Justice League #6, after clearing out of inventory they’re going back into press for another run. Superman will hit its third printing actually with this announcement and Justice League will go into their second print on issue #6. Both comics land on May 2, 2012 with no images available on any variant covers yet.

Link: DC Comics Blog