Marvel unleashes What The–?! AvX Pt. 3

Marvel has been on a string of animated shorts about AvX, today marks the final installment of the What The–?! series and it’s a big one that goes out with a bang. Wolverine took to revenge against Captain America and Cyclops while he mourned Jean’s passing in a series of pranks, the outcome was unexpected to say the least and everyone soon got pulled into the mess.

Check out the video below for a look, keep an eye on Bamfas for updates as we review AvX and related side stories as well.

Marvel continues AvX knowledge with What The–?! Part 2

First Cyclops and Captain America teased Wolverine as he reminisced about Jean being lost to the Phoenix. Today we see an angry Wolverine work on the payback he’s been working on to get back at these two for playing with his mind. The war is on and you’ll see it in the clip below.

Expect the best refrigerator joke ever from Wolverine and an inspiring voice acting moment from Gambit. Damn you Marvel for making such amazing things with figures.

Marvel explains all about AvX in What The–?! Pt. 1

So you were really wondering how Avengers vs X-Men started? Well don’t worry, Marvel has found a creative way using action figures to sum up how this all started up and to hint at the untold damage to come when Captain America impersonates Jean Grey.

I know, it’s a mess, just check out the video and you’ll see. It’s action figure magic combined with hardcore drama.