Review – The Guild: Fawkes

Story By: Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton
Art By: Jamie McKelvie
Colors By: Matthew Wilson
Cover By: Paul Duffield
Alternate Cover By: Emma Rios and Matthew Wilson
Pinups By: Ron Chan and Jeff Carlisle
Published By: Dark Horse

Fawkes is in the midst of a breakdown. He has lost himself and is desperately trying to go back to the core of who he thinks he is. After the fallout of his relationship with Codex, he begins a soul-searching journey with(out) the help of his Axis friends. A self-proclaimed Epicurean, he looks for help in his area of study, philosophy. His Axis buddies however have had enough and are looking for a way to oust their not-so-fearless leader. Fawkes, refusing to roll over and play dead, harkens back his roots. This is not a good thing. We get to see Fawkes in his daily life, tormenting his intro to philosophy class, drinking his pain away and writing his feelings in his journal. After some soul-searching, he comes to the conclusion that in order to get back on track he must truly find himself, the real him. His approach is unexpected but will it work and will he finally find a way to erase his feelings for Codex?

Each Guild comic proves one thing, The Guild is awesome in every medium. I absolutely love that they have brought some basic philosophical concepts to the masses! As a philosopher myself I have spent years thinking (hey, that’s what we do) about how to present philosophy in a way that makes it interesting and acceptable to large groups of people. It’s such an important discipline and if comics like these cause people to learn things about Stoicism, Epicureanism and Nihilism then that’s a step in the right direction. I look forward to each Guild comic and I love how each issue focuses on a specific character. Everything in this issue is top-notch, the art, the dialog, the story and it’s a must read for new and old fans of the series!

Release Date: May 23, 2012

Link: Preview


WonderCon 2012 – Geek & Sundry Panel

Felicia Day is all over these days, at WonderCon she announces you’ll be able to catch her a little easier in weekly doses with her latest project Geek & Sundry. The project is simple, take a group of authors, friends and people they like and produce weekly installment shows that provide unique original content that they have their own interests for. The breakdown is simple and it spans a large range of fan topics they’ll cover in weekly web videos on YouTube.

  • The Flog – Originally the title for Felicia’s blog, it now steps up as her show title where she explores new challenges and experiences to expand her mind and inspire others to do the same. The range goes from acrobatics in the sky to construction equipment, anything is on the table if it’s something she’s interested and driven for.
  • Table Top – Wil Wheaton takes on gaming in table top form to expose fans to expand their minds with the world of Table Top, bridging stereotypes and misconceptions about the hobby and many of the games out there. Special guests will join in as they play out each title and add a lot of entertainment to the mix. Fiasco takes the stage in episode 1 of the show and each episode will run for a 30 minute span.
  • Dark Horse Motion Comics – The next generation of the motion comic is here, Dark Horse will take classic franchises and convert them into new experiences for everyone to enjoy. The idea will be to motivate those out of the loop or entirely new into the world of comics once again and give them a taste of how technology can help shape stories as well. Forget what you know of current generation animation as they’re packing a next-gen experience for all.
  • Sword and Laser – The podcast duo goes to video form, they’re working on face to face interviews while preserving the existing podcast, forums and features for their long time fans. Expect it to run every other week swapping places with Table Top. Regular podcasts and features will continue to run without interruption.
  • Written by a Kid – Stories developed by children in interviews are passed over to directors and icons to help develop their projects into features. Mediums will vary but the idea will stay true to try to deliver the closest experience to the ideas as possible.
  • Paul and Storm – few details available, the show will be a scripted musical variety though.
  • The Guild Season 5 –  The new season will be in a single handy and easy to find spot for everyone, expect fresh airings to follow here and a mass conversion of previous shows to the channel in a movie form so users don’t have to watch the intro for each show. Gag reels and annotations will follow to make the whole experience new again for fans.

The big goal is to inspire others to do more and take those extra steps to enrich their lives in ways they didn’t think they could. Shows will carry a PG-13 rating with bleeping to control anything too harsh from passing through to viewers. While an experiment, Felicia hopes that a high return on subscribers and supporters will allow this project to become a regular web channel for future installments, season 2 will be in the hands of the people to make it or break it.

Current airing schedule:

  • Monday – The Flog (also Dark Horse Motion Comics)
  • Tuesday – The Guild (also Dark Horse Motion Comics)
  • Wednesday – Dark Horse Motion Comics
  • Thursday – Behind the Scenes
  • Friday – Table Top and Sword and Laser alternating viewing weeks

Also if you haven’t seen it yet, check out the YouTube teaser below. Geek & Sundry Launches April 2, 2012 on YouTube.