WonderCon 2012 – Community Panel / Q&A

Community is back, if you missed out on the return from hiatus be sure to try to catch up asap. We had Gillian Jacobs, Yvette Nicole Brown and Ken Jeong as cast members with Dan Harmon in the commander seat. We see some twists for this second half slate of the show going so far as to even work with product integration, while some shows use it in a corny way that pokes fun, Community is taking this an entirely new way by having full control of the IP in question. In the case of Season 3 we see Subway step into a mysterious episode to screw with Shirley and her ambitions for a sandwich shop.

The panel moved on to talking about character relationships and developments. We find out that Shirley and Pierce aren’t destined for a long relationship, also finding that Chang is about to go nuclear in his storyline as pathetic Chang, power monger Chang and security guard Chang all merge into a single beast. The story itself promises to turn Greendale on its head with what he unleashes on the students and the study group.

Other character mash-ups include a return to talking about Jeff and Shirley at a greater length, with their pasts settled they can resume gossip rants and a unique friendship that only they really had from Season 1. Dan also described how Brita came into action, noting that feedback painted the perfect character description as the woman who women hate to be around. She keeps going and never learns from the mistakes that come into her path along the way.

Dan Harmon notes the results from the debut last week sang well with the entire crew and they were pleased to see so much love and support for the show. There was a minor apology though, noting that there will be an episode out-of-order coming into play as it opens up and comments about a good winter break. The team wanted to give returning and new viewers a solid punch with what Community is about. On the topic of things to expect we were also teased with costumes and celebs or famous people they feel that resemble them.

Finally one of the most important parts, Dan Harmon pitched Community at 70/30 for chance of renewal, the big opening numbers last week seem to help cement that Community has the power draw the fans in for the live airings. Keep watching and lets keep the Greendale cast going strong.

The Walking Dead TV Series 1 figures hit Wal-Mart, GameStop

Trying to find your favorite Walking Dead TV figures but having a pain of a time? Wandering WonderCon looking for that special deal? Things are about to get a little easier now that McFarlane Toys has announced that Walking Dead TV Series 1 figures will be going nationwide to Wal-Mart and GameStop stores for eager fans. While this doesn’t mean you’ll instantly have access, you’ll at least raise the chances of finding your collection a little faster.

The Walking Dead TV Series 1 include:

It’s a limited group in this series but it’s a start, no word on if this applies to any future releases or if there will be another exclusivity period, one can only hope they’ll be a little easier to find this time around.
For those hoping to see a little more… The Walking Dead Season 2 DVD / Blu-Ray in Limited Edition form will sport a custom Bust statue just for the run, now you just have to wait on that one to launch later this year (Q3 2012).

WonderCon 2012 – Avengers Academy in AvX and X-Treme X-Men

Two short bursts of news from the Marvel Front

AvX news:

Avengers Vs. X-Men will be touching down on all sides, the Avengers Academy will get pulled into the mess with X-23, Sebastian Shaw, Sentinels and others joining the front lines. More details are unavailable but Marvel did want to drop this teaser just in time for WonderCon to get everyone amped up.


X-Treme X-Men news:

This summer things get heated as Greg Pak and Stephen Segovia bring a new group of recruits into the X-Men universe from various worlds to take on one of their most challenging missions yet. The only teaser we get is the word on the series being Reality-Bending… given the shifts with new titles like Space Punisher it seems they’re going to push the envelope to see what they can get in these new spin-off runs.

Summer is going to be a wild time for Marvel, save up while you can just in catch one of these snags your interests.

WonderCon 2012 – The Cabin In The Woods Preview And Q&A!

Tonight we had the great pleasure to attend an advanced screening of the long delayed Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard horror flick, The Cabin In The Woods. I really had no idea what to expect going in, all I knew was that I was excited. The Cabin In The Woods is very difficult to explain, somehow it takes all the horror movie clichés and makes them work. The movie has a mix of the funny with a dose of definite jump out of your seat shocks. In a time when the horror genre has gone to such a repetitive and boring place, (how much torture horror do we need to see before we understand it’s ruining the faint, flickering glimmer of what remains in horror) The Cabin In The Woods just may be the thing to reboot what horror means. A horror film doesn’t need to be as gross as possible to be good and The Cabin In The Woods reminds us that good horror is fun, scary and most importantly does not take itself too seriously. The movie brought a lot of genuine laugh out loud moments and some of the most imaginative bad guys I’ve seen in awhile and I haven’t even touched on all the twists and turns. Just when you think you know what’s going on, BAM! you’re quickly reminded that you have no idea. There are nods to classics of the past (Clive Barker and his Cenobites, Stephen King and one of his iconic characters as well as more modern films like The Ring) while still remaining fresh and original. Did I mention a slew of Whedon favorites like Amy Acker and Fran Kranz? Finally, while not giving anything away, the end of the movie is refreshing rather than just shocking and where we find Joss doing what he does best. I can’t wait to watch it again to pick up on all of the things I undoubtedly missed the first time around.

You would think that being able to see the movie early would be enough, but after the screening, Joss and Drew participated in a Q & A with the audience. They explained their writing process, locking themselves in a bungalow for three days, with Joss saying that writing the film was “…one of the most organic things…” he had ever written. Joss also said that he and Drew had been working on the film’s concept during the Buffy years but that it had just taken some time to come together. When asked about the film’s name they pointed to a focus group for the movie in which a participant took issue with the name and instead suggested that the film be renamed “You Never Know!”. As the film’s April 13th release date approaches we will post a more detailed, spoilery review of the film.

Release Date: April 13th, 2012


WonderCon 2012 – Saturday Gallery – Cosplay mania!

We have the news and we have the cool stuff to look at as well. Bringing you shots from the con of all the Cosplay I could catch today. Enjoy it and hopefully it motivates you to brave the rain and join us on the final day tomorrow of this amazing convention!

WonderCon 2012 – Geek & Sundry Panel

Felicia Day is all over these days, at WonderCon she announces you’ll be able to catch her a little easier in weekly doses with her latest project Geek & Sundry. The project is simple, take a group of authors, friends and people they like and produce weekly installment shows that provide unique original content that they have their own interests for. The breakdown is simple and it spans a large range of fan topics they’ll cover in weekly web videos on YouTube.

  • The Flog – Originally the title for Felicia’s blog, it now steps up as her show title where she explores new challenges and experiences to expand her mind and inspire others to do the same. The range goes from acrobatics in the sky to construction equipment, anything is on the table if it’s something she’s interested and driven for.
  • Table Top – Wil Wheaton takes on gaming in table top form to expose fans to expand their minds with the world of Table Top, bridging stereotypes and misconceptions about the hobby and many of the games out there. Special guests will join in as they play out each title and add a lot of entertainment to the mix. Fiasco takes the stage in episode 1 of the show and each episode will run for a 30 minute span.
  • Dark Horse Motion Comics – The next generation of the motion comic is here, Dark Horse will take classic franchises and convert them into new experiences for everyone to enjoy. The idea will be to motivate those out of the loop or entirely new into the world of comics once again and give them a taste of how technology can help shape stories as well. Forget what you know of current generation animation as they’re packing a next-gen experience for all.
  • Sword and Laser – The podcast duo goes to video form, they’re working on face to face interviews while preserving the existing podcast, forums and features for their long time fans. Expect it to run every other week swapping places with Table Top. Regular podcasts and features will continue to run without interruption.
  • Written by a Kid – Stories developed by children in interviews are passed over to directors and icons to help develop their projects into features. Mediums will vary but the idea will stay true to try to deliver the closest experience to the ideas as possible.
  • Paul and Storm – few details available, the show will be a scripted musical variety though.
  • The Guild Season 5 –  The new season will be in a single handy and easy to find spot for everyone, expect fresh airings to follow here and a mass conversion of previous shows to the channel in a movie form so users don’t have to watch the intro for each show. Gag reels and annotations will follow to make the whole experience new again for fans.

The big goal is to inspire others to do more and take those extra steps to enrich their lives in ways they didn’t think they could. Shows will carry a PG-13 rating with bleeping to control anything too harsh from passing through to viewers. While an experiment, Felicia hopes that a high return on subscribers and supporters will allow this project to become a regular web channel for future installments, season 2 will be in the hands of the people to make it or break it.

Current airing schedule:

  • Monday – The Flog (also Dark Horse Motion Comics)
  • Tuesday – The Guild (also Dark Horse Motion Comics)
  • Wednesday – Dark Horse Motion Comics
  • Thursday – Behind the Scenes
  • Friday – Table Top and Sword and Laser alternating viewing weeks

Also if you haven’t seen it yet, check out the YouTube teaser below. Geek & Sundry Launches April 2, 2012 on YouTube.

WonderCon 2012 – DC The New 52 Panel

DC is on a hot streak after relaunching their brands with a fresh start in the world, the New 52 have taken the world by storm and this year we’ll see the introduction of 6 more titles. Here’s a quick breakdown for the returning franchises.

  • Batman Inc. returns with Grant Morrison at the helm
  • Earth 2 starts up with James Robinson
  • Worlds Finest kicks off thanks to Kevin Maguire
  • Dial H (for Hero) returns as well with China Miéville leading the way
  • GI Combat The war that time forgot runs with J.T. Krul
  • Ravagers steps it up with Ian Churchill after leading up fans with mentions in other comics

With that said we got a small dose of major releases coming up for 2012 from the New 52.

  • Batman – Bruce is set to turn the tables in a battle for Gotham against the court in a heated story shift. (Issue 9)
  • Swamp Thing – Anton Arcane returns, we start to develop background on the characters that we were not given before. The showdowns that occur from here out set up the Animal Man crossover coming soon.
  • Dark Knight – Greater challenges ahead for Batman, Greg Purwitz and Finch are going to raise the bar to super heights in details and complexity for the story. Few details other than a strong working bond between the writers.
  • Flash – Weather villain conflicts continue, we’ll see Heatwave strike soon and a new spin arrive in the next few issues leading to a bigger battle.
  • I Vampire – Justice League Dark crossover coming, Adam Bennet is dead at this point (whoops), as a result we’ll see stronger lead enemies coming forward in the story. Apocalypse level events start coming down on the world as things start brewing more, vampire hunters strike and then Zombies arrive. Yeah. Zombies. It’s a minefield of new story to read through and the final teaser of Stomwatch really set off the crowd.
  • Nightwing – The Night of Owls is coming, Gates of Gotham and Tomorrow People are all huge events about to hit Nightwing hard in the coming issues.
  • Superboy – Wonder Girl drama comes to a head, her long loooong lost flame still holds her heart in all of this. Those who think they know who it is are likely to be mistaken, even RR isn’t in the picture for candidates.
  • Teen Titans – Wonder Girl origins takes off, road trip to reveal so much about everyone involved. Those left at the HQ get hit with people questioning their ability to have powers at such an age and actively participate in crime fighting with their lives on the line.
  • Red Hood – Flight attendant meeting turns into a larger encounter in issue 2, Blackfire appears into the mix.
  • Suicide Squad – Hunt for Harley Quinn comes to an end, just as that wraps up they take on an immortal as one of their biggest challenges so far and take a step back to develop the stories on the whole group. New characters will join the mix and drama in the loyalties of the squad come into play.
  • DCU Presents – Vandal Savage line picks up by introducing his daughter into the story, a clash comes in trying to figure out what side he rests on and the history of his ways and kills over such a massive span of history. Father daughter tensions rise up in this chapter.
  • Captain Atom – power is on the rise in his head, the issue of the messiah complex comes into play and his alternate selves start coming into the picture.

The panel touched on a little bit of everything and the panelists tried their hardest to deliver a solid impression of what’s coming up with the new series items and the changes in store with the relaunched books.

WonderCon 2012 – Prometheus Panel

WonderCon 2012-Prometheus Panel


It first needs to be said that Damon Lindelof needs to be involved in everything. He just makes everything better. If you want your project to succeed (or have someone to blame if it doesn’t as he stated) have him play some part in it! The Prometheus panel featured Lindelof moderating (he is also a writer on the film) with very special guests Sir Ridley Scott, Charlize Theron and Michael Fassbender. When asked what Prometheus’ relationship to Alien is Scott described it as “…having the DNA of Alien” and that a sequel is a possibility. After being given 3D glasses we were treated to what was supposed to be the very first viewing of the official 2 ½ minute Prometheus trailer, however the trailer had been leaked 12 hours earlier. It didn’t matter though, the trailer is intense and in 3D it’s beyond insane. After viewing the trailer Charlize Theron and Michael Fassbender came on stage. Fassbender, whose character David is a robot, described him as “…a butler type…” and based his movements on “Greg Louganus”, I really don’t know what to make of this but he does sound interesting to say the least! Damon asked him “do robots piss?” to which Fassbender replied “only to make humans feel more comfortable.” As an added bonus those in attendance were given an awesome Prometheus poster (see below). Scott’s return to sci-fi and the next installment of the Alien saga looks to go beyond expectations and with a release date of 6-8-2012 the wait is almost over.

WonderCon 2012 – Marvel announces Space Punisher, Spider-Man vs The Lizard

Space Punisher

Frank Castle tends to do a bit of everything on Earth so why not in his latest adventure take him off the planet for a while? At WonderCon this weekend, Marvel did exactly that, this summer The Punisher is going off planet and in a unique story plot separate from the current universe that he resides in so there’s no conflicts, for those scratching their heads I would say think of it as a four-part “What if?” series.

Space Punisher starts with Frank Castle already in space, he’s not hunting Kingpin over to Mars he’s actually fighting a new threat out there called the Six Fingered Hand. Of course we’re not getting too Sci-Fi it’s just the number of people who need to go down. They’re a space mafia of course and in this timeline they’re the ones responsible for the death of his family. Talk about making it easy to get him fired up all over again, too bad they bring back some classics in this new space mafia to make that retribution hard to earn. Word is Magneto, Red Skull, Ultron and more are also related to the group.

The stage is an experimental one and it seems depending on what the fans say and the sales say, we might see this explored a bit more. Of course to do that they’ll also test the waters with cameo appearances by The Hulk, Deadpool, Sabretooth and more.


Spider-Man takes the other half of the news cycle with an announcement of him going head to head with The Rhino in Amazing Spiderman this June with “No Going Back”. The aim of the story takes a different path though, they want a chiller hitting the fans, something that brings the horror out for once and gets to the readers in each chapter in the story.

Some comments from the author:

“In Zeb’s “Shed” [story], The Lizard won his inner-battle against Curt Connors,” Slott reminds readers. “Curt Connors is dead. Curt Connors is no more. The Lizard is all that remains. When The Lizard killed Curt’s son, Billy, there was nothing more for Curt Connors to lose. It’s all gone. He’s lost his wife, his son, his humanity, his soul. From that moment, there was ‘no going back.’ Or is there?

Biggest inspiration is that after a major shift on Earth, Spider-Man starts acting a bit different and we get a glimpse of the breakdown and how his own priorities have changed and now instead of having someone to save he’ll be looking at himself for his next challenge.

For more information check out the official release from Marvel:

Space Punisher | Spider-Man “No Going Back”