World War Hulk goes into 99 cent mode today only!

Hulk gets around in the Marvel Universe, today you can follow some of those tales with a special 99 cent sale this week for the World War Hulk issues. The catch? You need access through the Marvel Comics App

Available titles:

Get to see Hulk react as he returns from a long exile on a distant planet, his wrath is unable to be calmed and former allies face his rage and determination to see the end to the Earth after such a painful judgement that was executed upon him. It’s going to get ugly and you’ll have to read on to see how this turns out for the Marvel Universe.
If you don’t already have the app, get it on iOS or Android today so you can catch those deals!

The Bugatti Veyron SS World Record Edition arrives

…and we don’t get to drive it. At all. But we did find a short clip of it from the importer; Symbolic Motors that was plastered on Youtube for everyone to drool over.  Because the car is already spoken for there are no yummy growls of the W16 to be found in this clip,  I’m sure while they could pony up the purchase cost for the vehicle they don’t intend to refund the 2.5+ million that it cost the owner for any damages.

Because that’s such a painful teaser I couldn’t help but dig up the Top Gear moment where James May takes this rocket ship to top speed.

A Veyron SS WRE walks among us, currently in California but most likely spending the rest of its life in a garage. Feel free to let us know if you spot this beast in the wild though.

Blacklight: Tango Down adds World Cup themes

Today the @PlayTangoDown team will be releasing two distinct codes to followers on Twitter, one unlocks a weapon tag for Spain and the other unlocks a tag for the Netherlands. These will allow the weapons to take on a replica form showing each countries national flag to give attribute boosts when attached.

For those waiting on the PC and PSN releases, the codes are not exclusive to XBLA but players will still have to wait for those releases to get in on the action. Those just getting word of Blacklight, it’s a futuristic FPS shooter packing 12 levels, 7 game types and co-op for $15.

Dragon Quest IX hits NYC

Nintendo loves to throw a party, this Saturday at the Nintendo World store in Rockefeller Plaza the company will hold a launch party for Dragon Quest IX on the Nintendo DS. The event will run July 10th from 1-4pm and feature test stations to play, treats from a Dragon Quest ice cream truck and mini-games. Those fortunate enough will also be able to meet with Yuji Horii the creator of the Dragon Quest series although he will only sign 30 copies of the game (2 per customer).

Dragon Quest IX is set to launch on July 11th for those who are unable to attend the event.

Blizzard begins World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Beta

Mark today as the start of the downfall of the WoW servers yet again, Blizzard has just announced that the closed beta test for Cataclysm has begun. The invites have already started and those with Blizzcon beta passes should already be able to cash in their golden ticket.

The focus of the new beta is to get feedback and develop the balance and content to the liking of the community, often the development revolves around the last open feedback call and misses the latest trends in the community. For those new to the expansion, Cataclysm takes players to devastated areas once familiar in WoW. In an effort to survive the Wogen and Goblins will join the fight between Alliance and the Horde as they come to face the Deathwing in a battle for all life.

For more info check out the official page:

Sweet news for many, bad news for me as most of my Xfire contacts will now fall off the face of the earth into WoW again.