Need for Speed releases “The Guys” Featurette

It’s no secret I love racing and cars, from WRC, MotoGP, F1 to games and anything else related. So naturally when I first saw the teasers for the NFS movie I was excited, it may not be some avant-garde level film that changes the world forever but it’s probably entertaining and able to feed my car interests for the duration of the film. Today we have a new snippet to show that helps reinforce that goodness.

While NFS might not be everyone’s cup of tea, I’ll certainly check it out when it hits theaters next month. Fingers crossed it doesn’t disappoint, come on Aaron Paul, lets see this come together.

Stan Lee’s World Of Heroes Will Be At San Diego Comic Con 2013


Comic Book Legend Stan Lee and Surprise Panel Guests to Announce New Programming

WHAT:  Stan Lee’s World of Heroes, the premiere destination for all things related to heroes, villains and the world of fandom, returns to San Diego Comic Con this year to celebrate its first anniversary and announce all of the excitement coming in year 2.  The channel offers something for everyone from comic book fans to pop culture enthusiasts looking for Stan’s opinions, hero pop culture, the geek universe and beyond.  All flavored with Stan’s unique brand of humor, Stan Lee’s World of Heroes will introduce brand new programming featuring fun takes on the iconic characters in comic book history, alternate views on favorite characters and stories, and new twists on the world’s most beloved heroic tales.

Stan Lee

WHEN:                Friday, June 17th, 2013

                                Panel Begins 10:15am

WHERE:              San Diego Comic Con

                                 Room: 6BCF


SDCC 2012 – Doctor Who Season 7 Panel with Video

The good Doctor is just a few months away from returning to us on the television again, to hold everyone over though, the team made a stop at San Diego Comic-Con again this year to share tidbits on the new season including details around the trouble headed toward the Ponds and a little bit on the new companion headed to the show.

Attempted to shoot this on video for better record keeping, it didn’t come out amazingly well due to the lack of a tripod but the audio is there to help guide things along. Unfortunately the BBC had forbidden recording of the video sections shown between discussion.

Stan ” The Man” Lee World Of Heroes YouTube Channel To Premiere At Comic-Con 2012



Marvel’s living Legend Stan “the Man” Lee will once again bless us with his presence this year at Comic-Con 2012, he will be announcing and talking about his new Youtube channel “World Of Heroes”. Check down below to see glimpse of World Of Heroes!

Thursday, July 12thVuguru will present a panel at San Diego Comic-Con to premiere the new YouTube channel, Stan Lee’s World of Heroes. The comic book icon will be debuting a slate of digital programming both scripted and unscripted including, Stan Lee’s Super.Model,FanWarsStan Lee’s Academy of HeroesSuper FansCocktails with StanDIY GeekGeek TherapyHead Cases, and many more.

Every story has a hero.  Stan Lee’s World of Heroes is the premiere destination for all things related to the heroes, villains and the fans who love them. With both scripted and unscripted shows, the channel offers something for everyone from sci-fi and fantasy fans to viewers looking for Stan’s opinions, hero pop culture, the geek universe and beyond. Expect a lively discussion featuring Comic book legend Stan Lee and a panel of comic pop culture experts and enthusiasts, including the premiere of new clips and trailers from the upcoming line-up

Panel: Stan Lee, Adrienne Curry, Peter David, Bonnie Burton, America Young

When:  Thursday, July 12th, 11:45 am – 12:45 pm

Where: Comic- Con San Diego Convention Center
111 West Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA, 92101
                 ROOM 6BCF

For more information Visit: World Of Heroes 

Dark Horse hits Geek & Sundry with The Secret motion comic

Remember our Wondercon coverage about Geek & Sundry? It’s April and they’ve wasted no time to get into the groove, Dark Horse has their first motion comic out using their latest technology for viewing. Check out the upgraded version of The Secret in the embedded clip below.

First impressions, smooth movement, nice body gestures and the live camera follow is well executed as it drives down a corridor. It’s much less jerky and actually gives the impression of an animation. I don’t know if I could take all my comics in this form but it’s certainly an interesting new path they’re going down.

WonderCon 2012 – Geek & Sundry Panel

Felicia Day is all over these days, at WonderCon she announces you’ll be able to catch her a little easier in weekly doses with her latest project Geek & Sundry. The project is simple, take a group of authors, friends and people they like and produce weekly installment shows that provide unique original content that they have their own interests for. The breakdown is simple and it spans a large range of fan topics they’ll cover in weekly web videos on YouTube.

  • The Flog – Originally the title for Felicia’s blog, it now steps up as her show title where she explores new challenges and experiences to expand her mind and inspire others to do the same. The range goes from acrobatics in the sky to construction equipment, anything is on the table if it’s something she’s interested and driven for.
  • Table Top – Wil Wheaton takes on gaming in table top form to expose fans to expand their minds with the world of Table Top, bridging stereotypes and misconceptions about the hobby and many of the games out there. Special guests will join in as they play out each title and add a lot of entertainment to the mix. Fiasco takes the stage in episode 1 of the show and each episode will run for a 30 minute span.
  • Dark Horse Motion Comics – The next generation of the motion comic is here, Dark Horse will take classic franchises and convert them into new experiences for everyone to enjoy. The idea will be to motivate those out of the loop or entirely new into the world of comics once again and give them a taste of how technology can help shape stories as well. Forget what you know of current generation animation as they’re packing a next-gen experience for all.
  • Sword and Laser – The podcast duo goes to video form, they’re working on face to face interviews while preserving the existing podcast, forums and features for their long time fans. Expect it to run every other week swapping places with Table Top. Regular podcasts and features will continue to run without interruption.
  • Written by a Kid – Stories developed by children in interviews are passed over to directors and icons to help develop their projects into features. Mediums will vary but the idea will stay true to try to deliver the closest experience to the ideas as possible.
  • Paul and Storm – few details available, the show will be a scripted musical variety though.
  • The Guild Season 5 –  The new season will be in a single handy and easy to find spot for everyone, expect fresh airings to follow here and a mass conversion of previous shows to the channel in a movie form so users don’t have to watch the intro for each show. Gag reels and annotations will follow to make the whole experience new again for fans.

The big goal is to inspire others to do more and take those extra steps to enrich their lives in ways they didn’t think they could. Shows will carry a PG-13 rating with bleeping to control anything too harsh from passing through to viewers. While an experiment, Felicia hopes that a high return on subscribers and supporters will allow this project to become a regular web channel for future installments, season 2 will be in the hands of the people to make it or break it.

Current airing schedule:

  • Monday – The Flog (also Dark Horse Motion Comics)
  • Tuesday – The Guild (also Dark Horse Motion Comics)
  • Wednesday – Dark Horse Motion Comics
  • Thursday – Behind the Scenes
  • Friday – Table Top and Sword and Laser alternating viewing weeks

Also if you haven’t seen it yet, check out the YouTube teaser below. Geek & Sundry Launches April 2, 2012 on YouTube.

Turn 9 – Webisode Racing TV show coming soon

It’s always cool to be in early on the newest entertainment ventures, today I bring a piece of racing goodness with Turn 9, the trailer for the show just went live on YouTube today. Check out the hotness in the teaser reel below.

From what I’ve been able to catch, the project refers to Turn 9 at Willow Springs in California. I’m assuming it means the car track and not the cycle track; I do admit I like where they’re going with it, the turn can scare the pants off any driver without a good line. Hopefully more news starts flowing from their youtube page and website. [Turn 9]

Nathan Fillion For green Lantern!

I saw this video a while ago and have been in a nerd coma since seeing it. Everyone should see this fan made trailer for the Green Lantern. If you are a fan of awesome, you will enjoy its geniusness.

As you may have guessed, it stars Nathan Fillion in outstandingly brilliant casting as GL. The video quality is quite impressive and is the result of lots of hard work by Jaron Pitts of Texas.

Captain tight pants back in space!