Hulu Desktop

Hulu Desktop

For those running HTPC units at home in an attempt to duck the high cost of cable, it’s always a bit of a pain trying to skin things just right so that people don’t point out that watching a show or movie is being done through Firefox / Opera / Safari / IE / Chrome

Today the folks at Hulu have come up with something new, something a bit refreshing even. The Hulu Desktop application for full screen dedicated access to their show archives in pretty high res for streaming free video.

It’s still in development obviously and yes it did nuke my desktop when I tried it but it still looks pretty promising. One can only hope that they keep stepping it up as it comes along because it would be nice to switch from the AMD Live Explorer to Hulu with a quick alt+tab gesture.

For those looking to sleek down their system the app works pretty well outside of the random failures but the launch speed of the app seems to help to make up for it.

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