UFC and EA begin to butt heads

UFC and EA begin to butt heads

mma-logos-final-photoshop-8_Recent news from UGO is giving the community a heads up that Dana White is ready to clean house with those under his fighting franchise group the UFC, the reason being that he’s a bit miffed over EA apparently giving him the boot in the past with not very flattering remarks about what UFC is to them, as many know UFC games have come about over the years through other vendors, THQ has been vital in their latest venture and so they’re sticking close to that.

The reference to house cleaning though comes from the recent announcement of MMA from EA, a Mixed Martial Arts fighting game to use dynamics and graphics and so on from Fight Night Round 4 something that has been pretty widely recieved with praise as of late. Dana White notes this according to UGO

But, what’s to stop EA from signing licensed fighters to associate with their game? The answer: Dana White, natch. Besides Randy Couture, who struck a deal in court with the UFC.  White said of fighters who deal with EA, “You won’t be in the UFC.”

Pretty hardcore I mean I know in WWE people are basically the property of the company, their likeness and all other such items basically get bought up at day 1 unless they copyright and protect themselves beforehand. Given that the UFC was a lot more free formed and independent and has top fighters alternating all the time it seemed like it would be hard to impose given how everyone seems to dabble in other competitions as well. Apparently not though, one would have wonder what would happen if EA bought up their top 10-15% of their talent though, would Dana White really kick off all those PPV earning seat stacking fighters?

I have to wonder this because EA likes to get what they want, and given the size of their company, money isn’t much of an issue when it comes to securing a dominant license. It’s a unique battle because it’s a battle of games and a battle of corporate figures as well, and even potentially the UFC fights if fighters do take “incentives” to be in the new MMA game and suddenly start vanishing out of key events.

Source: UGO


  • Franks
    July 14, 2009

    Its a credible threat to the mid to lower card fighters but If his top talent takes million dollar buyouts…this might backfire on White.

  • vee
    July 14, 2009

    For sure, the new guys are going to fear losing anything they can get, I’m sure the initial announcement put them all in line right off the bat. The top dogs are another story, he can’t really sue them as well given they’re not really portraying a character and White doesn’t own their skill sets.

    I figured the UGO piece might have it right that EA could supplement their rosters with those from other worldwide organizations as well. Kind of unfortunate that UFC ended up absorbing so many other groups over time or there would be more options to that area of things.

    It would be odd if they handled it like they did with baseball and ran strictly make believe teams and leaguges… Al Thompson Vs. Jim Jones! D; fail.

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