MINUTEMAN World Premiere at Comic-Con 2010

MINUTEMAN World Premiere at Comic-Con 2010

With a week left until the start of Comic-Con 2010 there’s a flurry of information coming out to detail the latest additions to the show. Today we get wind that MINUTEMAN has joined the 2010 Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival. The war thriller will make its debut on Friday July 23rd at 1:20PM for all to see with no word about a repeated screening.

Some words on MINUTEMAN for the masses:

The film revolves around Captain Lance Deakin who, after returning to civilian life as a Texas rancher, is haunted by flashbacks of MINUTEMAN, a hyper violent video game he was playing while on tour in Iraq. Exhibiting strange powers in real life, Lance is pulled deeper and deeper into the vortex of his memory, slowly realizing that the military turned him and his men into brainwashed super-soldiers to perform top secret missions. While Lance is desperately trying to piece together what happened to him, Lance’s former comrades are closing in on him and Becca, his fiance, to take them out. Lance is quickly running out of time to uncover the truth and save the woman he loves.

MINUTEMAN, the Video Game has been designed by Southern Methodist University’s Guild Hall graduate students and Longhorn Skull Productions, LLC. It is an interactive war game that shows the film’s Minuteman characters in combat action. Cutting between the video game and the movie enhances the mystery, power and adrenaline rush of the film.

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