Team Fortress 2 – Engineer Update

Team Fortress 2 – Engineer Update

Sentry down! Building a Sentry! Teleporter up! Okay sorry, I am a bit of a fan of the Engineer in TF2, from the start of the game I loved jumping each team further into battle. This week Valve has announced that the beloved Engineer will get a class update including new maps, items and achievements.

For loyalists still working hard in the warzone, golden wrenches will be given out to players creating their arsenal in the field. Anyone cranking out a Dispenser, Teleporter or Sentry will have a chance to score one of these wrenches between now and Thursday.

For every 25th wrench awarded the folks at Valve will dish out a little extra information about the new update. Those who just want to watch the action can track the progress here. For more info about the update check the TF2 website.

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