Return of the terrible movies – Megaforce

Return of the terrible movies – Megaforce

1982 was a good year, well. Kind of. Okay so I can’t think of a ton of media or entertainment events that shook the world like this gem in the rough.

Megaforce (1982)

Normally I throw down a full length movie for these B or even F movie bombs, unfortunately Megaforce is still under legal license so I’ll drop the trailer and the most epic use of special effects that I can think of right now.

Megaforce Trailer:

Awesome Bluescreen:

Seriously, why is he even trying to steer that thing with the handle bars? It’s supposed to have a friggin jet engine attached. I haven’t seen the whole movie but I will no matter how painful it is… okay maybe not, Amazon is selling it for $23 on VHS.

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