EVGA throws down, GTX 460 2WIN coming soon

EVGA throws down, GTX 460 2WIN coming soon

EVGA rarely ever holds back in anything they do, today is no exception as the company announces a dual GTX 460 powered video card that is set to spank even the latest NVIDIA has to offer. The GTX 460 2WIN is slated to offer support for 4 montitors, 3D and performance besting the GTX 580 for a lower price. With the same formula working well for ATI/AMD it’s no shock that someone finally started to clone it.

Specs on the GTX 460 2WIN

  • Dual 700MHz GPU (GTX460)
  • 672 CUDA cores
  • 400MHz RAMDAC (aren’t most?)
  • 2GB 512-bit GDDR5
  • 3600MHz memory
  • 230.4GB memory bandwidth

Also as usual I’ve included a few teaser shots as EVGA already has the card and packaging setup to go, it would only be a perfect match if they had some PCB color choices going on like the white dual 460 floating around the net.

When I get a final price on this monster value card I’ll be sure to post it, this might become the next cornerstone of any budget build if it lands just right.

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