The Bugatti Veyron SS World Record Edition arrives

The Bugatti Veyron SS World Record Edition arrives

…and we don’t get to drive it. At all. But we did find a short clip of it from the importer; Symbolic Motors that was plastered on Youtube for everyone to drool over.  Because the car is already spoken for there are no yummy growls of the W16 to be found in this clip,  I’m sure while they could pony up the purchase cost for the vehicle they don’t intend to refund the 2.5+ million that it cost the owner for any damages.

Because that’s such a painful teaser I couldn’t help but dig up the Top Gear moment where James May takes this rocket ship to top speed.

A Veyron SS WRE walks among us, currently in California but most likely spending the rest of its life in a garage. Feel free to let us know if you spot this beast in the wild though.

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