ThinkGeek prepares you for battle on April 1

ThinkGeek prepares you for battle on April 1

Originally I debated posting this, I’m all for a good prank and at the same time I like to observe limits depending on the target. ThinkGeek for April Fools is bringing a variety of tools out, many of them geared at the more tech savvy prankster and the less aware victim.

I originally planned to make a few mentions but honestly now that I’m writing this. I’m going to include images, links and an awesome quote from the product page because I think some of these would have been golden during the college days. Let us begin with some sections and some toys that go from simple to downright evil.

Playful pranks:
Nerf guns are always great, they have a decent range, soft form and rarely could be an option to poke someones eye out. If you can, possibly consider a career shift to sniper or contract waste management because honestly that’s some skill. ThinkGeek offers this transforming assault blaster and the NERF Stampede automatic heavy blaster.

If you plan to use the heavy blaster I would suggest taking the high ground and setting up shop in or covered by a bush. You get 18 rounds per clip and 100 darts and it gets powered by 6 D cell batteries to ensure you’re firing off quite a few rounds.

Transforming Blaster – $24.99
Heavy Blaster – $69.99 (totally worth ruining any kids shootout)

Mildly douchey gags:

You never mess with another man’s TV, there’s a good reason for this and if you’re willing to test it you can invest in a variety of remote TV keychains available through their site. Personally if I was turning off a TV I would be inclined to also change the channel or the volume as well. They also offer a poltergeist device that turns the TV off in random intervals which can be handy when you don’t want to get caught with the goods.

Micro Spy Remote (Volume, Power, Channels) – $8.99-17.97
TV Poltergeist (random power on/off) – $4.99
TV-B-Gone – $17.99-19.99

Super douche gags:

I do warn that going along with any of these may be far too much, know your victim before you blast them with one of these.

The Micro Sonic Grenade, a super sonic alarm able to decimate victims with 110-115db sound bursts, with adjustable sound intervals it’s perfect for spray and pray moments of evil. Just don’t get caught trying to retrieve it after it’s all over.

Micro Sonic Grenade – $7.99

The ThinkGeek Annoy-a-tron comes with 3 stages of attack, high pitch burst sounds or alternating levels. Because it’s so thin and has a month-long battery the potential placement options are huge. In the workplace if you really hated someone you could slip it under a base drawer in a cabinet so it resonated, it could go behind a calendar or under a desk or even in a system.

If 3 sounds isn’t enough though they do have a 2.0 model with 6 sounds including the teen high pitch alarm that can nuke the new interns as they walk past.

Annoy-a-tron – $4.99
Annoy-a-tron 2.0 – $12.99

There are some notable mentions but they might get you into more trouble than you’re willing to experience on a prank day.

Phantom Keystroker – sends random mouse and keyboard commands to the system to make the experience a bit of hell. – $12.99

KGB Disappearing Ink Pen – exactly what it says, disappearing ink for when someone needs to borrow a pen but never returns it. Nothing says thanks bro like this. – $12.99

Shocking Pen – as much as I hate being shocked, this is kind of funny and honestly I’d click it again and again wondering what the hell. – $4.99

That’s all of it, yeah I know it comes off like some kind of advertisement but seriously I’d love to spend a day with all this stuff screwing with people. Probably in a more public setting though just to be sure I got a full range of people to test it out on.  Also with things a week away most people don’t have that much time left to be creative and this takes a huge section of the process out. Just think of locations, plant and enjoy.

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