X-Men: First Class Gets Posters and raised eyebrows

X-Men: First Class Gets Posters and raised eyebrows

We have the latest X-Men: First Class posters today, but I have to step aside and question the design choices here because these are pretty awful and it goes down on many levels. Aside from writing here I work often in the graphic realm, it’s a busy area and honestly with the volume of work that has to be produced there is space for a brain fart here or there.

These posters, they’re not really anything cutting edge, and the decide to fade in the heads is pretty 90’s, worse than that is the fact that for some reason they’re both heads fixated around the crotch area. Seriously guys, is it the primary goal to tank this before it can even launch?

Check out the images below and click here for our link to the trailer.


  • Franks
    March 10, 2011

    Haha, my first thought was that they looked like Quang from Total Recall. IS it considered an outie if you have a face for a belly button?

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