Hyperkin brings 1800mAH of love to the 3DS

Hyperkin brings 1800mAH of love to the 3DS

Hating how the 3DS drains your battery like crazy? Wishing there was a way to get some extra life going on that really made a dent? Well. Now there is, Hyperkin has the 3DS Powerplus on deck to deliver an additional 1800mAH on top of your existing 3DS battery.

But how can they perform this madness?

The battery sits over the base of the unit to secure it, it adds about 1/4″ of additional thickness and 2.2 ounces of weight to the system. While doing this it still allows for a battery indicator and 3DS functionality to the fullest. Check out the pictures for a better idea about it.

The Powerplus is set to hit this summer in $19.99 form, how well it holds up is unknown but hopefully it will allow players to go a little longer on the go without having to hook up to an outlet before crashing.

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