Review – The Goon #36

Review – The Goon #36

Story & Art By: Eric Powell
Colors By: Dave Stewart
Published By: Dark Horse

This issue features real life Queen Of Burlesque, Roxi Dlite and her not so real life “handler” Abercrombie.  We find them escaping from trouble, looking for a new place to cause even more trouble.  Where do they land? Well, the Goon’s hood of course!  Roxi, an entrepreneur, decides to stay awhile and make some fast cash.  Meanwhile, The Goon and Franky are getting into their own predicaments, (along with some awesome disguises), Franky, in an incident involving an old woman and The Goon with his big punches.  Eventually all of their paths cross and mayhem ensues.  Franky falls in love which only complicates things as he gets drawn in by a fake menage á trois, being duped it’s all up to The Goon to save the day.  Saving the day, Franky and everything else is just what The Goon does and scores some ladies to boot.

The Goon #36 is really great and well worth reading.  What is really great about these comics is that even if you are new to the series you are really able to jump right in and enjoy the story.  It’s rare in comics for this to happen.  Even though there are constant themes and storylines continuing from one issue to the next they are not so complicated that you can’t get the jist reading for the first time.  The characters , art and dialog are phenomenal.  This issue gets you looking forward to the next and hopefully the movie that is to be adapted from the series.  If you love The Goon you will love this issue, if you have never read The Goon this issue is a great place to start!

Release Date: November 2nd, 2011

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