Desura jumps into digital distribution and Linux support

Desura jumps into digital distribution and Linux support

Today you can get a game from a variety of services, basically your own investigation is your only limit. What’s a bit of  a pain is finding such a company in the Linux arena though, today that issue ends as Desura jumps into the fold with dedicated Windows and Linux community support.


The twist here comes from the basis of the store, this isn’t another shop focused on bringing you another way to buy Battlefield 3 or Modern Warfare 3, instead it caters to a mod and indie community often overlooked or pressured out of the game due to high costs from the mainstream store fronts. It’s a cool alternative and the prices seem fair. The Desura site notes that developers take control of how they present and expose their games, the community also drives feedback by raising awareness of stand-out mods and games that should really get a spin. It’s a unique ecosystem where the team tries to play a completely external role to the main growth of the site.

With IndieDB and ModDB support pushing the team and some Windows support in there it seems like this might be a rare gem for indie and Linux gamers hoping to make their lives a bit less stressful when it comes to supporting and exploring the community. You can download it now for both platforms and get rolling.

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