Free to Play Mania – DC Universe Online and Lineage II

Free to Play Mania – DC Universe Online and Lineage II

Many games this year have turned from P2P models into F2P, in the past week we’ve seen 2 new titles join the mix and offer up free access or at least limited access to the players.

Lineage II is first up with their Truly Free model that they’ll be introducing. Along with that, they plan to release another major update titled, The Goddess of Destruction. All characters, classes and such will be accessible and the supplement to keep the economy of the game flowing will be based on a web shop for items and special additions. They also plan to introduce some booster incentives to allow new players to level up fast and get up to speed with the existing user base. Keep an eye out for this update as it’s slated to drop later this year.

– Lineage II

DC Universe Online is an unexpected addition to this field, a newcomer that struggled after the SOE breach earlier this year that was trying to get some ground in the market. DC Universe Online is accessible right now for free with the option to upgrade to 2 different tiers if players desire more character slots, inventory space, any auction space, bank slots, chat, mail or more cash room. It’s probably a bit more hardcore than many would expect especially when I just introduced Lineage II above this. Check out the full sheet and give the game a spin if you’re eager for action right now.

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