NZXT launches HALE82 PSU line

NZXT launches HALE82 PSU line

NZXT is busy this week, just after the HAVIK we have news about the HALE82 line going live for consumers.

The power supply / PSU is the one part of your system you never want to go cheap on, as of late many will notice their brands have jumped in cost without understanding why. Part of that is meeting various levels of 80+ certification, basically ensuring that your power supply is efficient in power production based on a standard criteria. In this case the HALE 82 line is 82% efficient at 20% load,  85% efficient at 50% load and 82% efficient again at 100% load. For consumers this means they’re getting a solid idea of potential power from their power supply.

The HALE82 comes in 3 varieties:

Top off that introduction with a new exchange policy
NZXT is also introducing a very unique Less Than Three PSU service program. US and Canadian customers are entitled to NZXT’s industry-leading risk-free guarantee.  Should your PSU be defective, simply send it back with a prepaid return label and NZXT will send you a fresh replacement direct to your door step.
All models come with flat modular cables for easy stealth cable running and ease of management, for those that don’t know the perks of modular cables, you simply attach only the cables you need. You can leave the rest in a safe drawer or in the box until they’re needed, it’s pretty awesome actually. Flat cables are better for airflow and cable running, they’re easier to bind up and hide away when you’re trying to keep your case nice and sleek-looking inside. If you have a windowed side panel this is extra helpful actually as everyone will see where you tucked your spare cables away and it might become somewhat embarrassing.
If you’re looking for something outside of a black, you’ll need to step up to the HALE90 to get their white PSU’s, if you’re a white Phantom owner you’ll really want to look into one of those just for looks. Check out a ton of shots from the HALE82 line below in our gallery to get a better sense of things.

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