Day 5: Steam keeps rolling with the holiday sale deals

Day 5: Steam keeps rolling with the holiday sale deals

Yesterday was a bit of a slow point for Steam on their sale day, today they manage to completely reverse that with a huge burst of momentum and awesome. Check out the goodies below.

Seriously, Saints DiRT, RAGE, AVP, Frozen Synapse, From Dust and more… that’s a really good haul especially with DiRT 3 at its lowest price this year I believe.

Need your daily in for objectives?

  • Steam – Get what you want – Trade! (Make a trade with a friend)
  • E.Y.E. – The Gift (Pick up the gift)
  • Frozen Synapse – Now I have a machine gun. Ho Ho Ho. – Play instant skirmish and win with only your machine gunner alive.
  • Audiosurf – Candy Stripe – Make a candy stripe
  • Greed Corp – Walking in a winter wonderland – Win a match in a snow map in either campaign or battle
  • Fate of the World – Let it glow – Plunge the world into global thermonuclear war by 2075

Thankfully those objective titles are also on sale for around $2.50 making it not so painful to invest in. Remember there’s a big contest coming on Jan 2nd for those who do jump through all the hoops!

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