Day 6: Steam Holiday Sale brings a Skyrim Deal!

Day 6: Steam Holiday Sale brings a Skyrim Deal!

Yep I blew it already, Skyrim is 33% off today and you know it’s gonna sell like mad. Here’s the list, I know you don’t really need any other offers to motivate you.

You get a lot of deals today but it feels like they padded for Skyrim so other games wouldn’t feel left out of the mix. Personally I might hit the Tom Clancy stuff given that I have Skyrim already, maybe Borderlands finally as well or Prototype.

For those hunting goodies check out these objectives for the day.

  • Crimecraft Gangwars – Snow Ballin’ – Earn a total of 200 points from snow brawl matches
  • Hard Reset – Blizzard (Special) – Kill 50 enemies with electricity
  • Jamestown – With your nose so bright… – Complete any mission playing as the red charge ship
  • Wings of Prey – It’s Winter! – Complete any mission on winter locations
  • Renegade Ops – Naughty or Nice – Receive a present from Santa Claus in Coldstrike DLC
  • And Yet It Moves – Shown White – Ride on a severed branch in chapter two for 20 meters without touching the ground.

Good luck and good deals, I’ll still be reporting tomorrow on the Christmas day sale to see what pops up.

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